Imran Khan doesn’t want to stay in the Prime Minister’s house

The full results of the general election of Pakistan are not yet officially published. However, as far as the results are concerned, Imran Khan’s team Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf (PTI) is ahead in a huge gap. Imran said at a press conference on Thursday that he would win himself in Islamabad. In the different sectors of the country gave a glimpse of the widespread reforms. He also said, want to build friendship with India.

On Thursday evening, the press conference was about half an hour. The PTI chairman said, the work plan that was taken 22 years ago, is now getting the opportunity to implement it. He promised to protect the interest of ordinary citizens.

Imran said, ‘Why do I come to politics, I want to make it clear. Politics has not given me anything. I wanted to say that Muhammad Ali Jinnah dreamed of Pakistan, this country is like that. I saw the dreams of Pakistan, such as the state that was established in Medina – where widows and the poor would be taken care of. Today the state is in chaos. All our policies are aimed at helping the less fortunate ones. ‘

Imran Khan said that a country was recognized by the situation of poor people, and said, “A country with rich people of the island and poor people can not improve.”

Imran does not want to stay in a huge house for the Prime Minister. He said, ‘Our government will decide on this matter. I’m ashamed to stay in such a huge house. This house will be converted into an educational institute or anything else. ‘

Pakistan’s Dawn report said that PTI is ahead of 120 seats in the National Assembly. The Election Commission of the country confirmed the authenticity of this information, so far the counting of 49 percent of the polling booths was completed.

According to AFP news agency, the number of registered voters nationwide is 10.6 million. About 50 to 55 percent of the voters voted. But the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan said that women were not allowed to vote in many areas. PML-N, PPP and various political parties also questioned the transparency and credibility of the elections.

Imran Khan, however, blown all doubts about the election. At the press conference, he claimed that it was one of the most transparent elections in Pakistan’s history. However, Imran has promised to take action and assist him in any complaint of the opposition.

NDTV news has said, PTI chairman Imran Khan at the press conference said, “I really want to fix our alliance’s relationship. If India goes one step, then we will proceed two steps. “Earlier, the 65-year-old politician of the Indian media has also expressed dissatisfaction with the role of Indian media. He complained that the Indian media has portrayed him as the ‘villain of Bollywood’.

Imran said, “Because of cricket, I have gone to different places in India. I want to have a good relationship with India. “The former cricketer gave detailed speculation about Pakistan’s foreign relations and his plans on the press conference. India’s context comes to the end. Earlier, talks about strengthening ties with China, he said. Imran said about improving relations with Afghanistan. The leader of the PTI, he also said about strengthening the alliance with Saudi Arabia and the United States.

Direct elections are held in 272 seats out of a total of 342 seats in Pakistan’s National Assembly. The remaining 70 seats are reserved for women and minorities. To win a single majority, a party has to win 137 seats out of 272 seats. Imran’s team, PTI, however, did not get a single majority until the final report was received.

On Wednesday, the general elections were held on Wednesday in Pakistan. Elections are held in four provincial councils of the country with the National Assembly. Local voting took place from eight in the morning to six in the evening.

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