Ilias Kanchan, who will be on the road if the demand does not start

Ilyas Kanchan, founder chairman of Secured Road Chaoyar (Nisscha), said that if students do not begin the implementation of the demands, they will go to the movement from Sunday.

On Friday morning, a human chain was held in front of the National Press Club in front of the Nisrat. In this, solidarity was declared with the nine-point demand of the ongoing movement of students including the safe road.

Ilias Kanchan said in the human chain that students’ demands will be implemented from Sunday. If not, he will also get along with the students.

Ilyas Kanchan said to the government that the demands of the protesting students have to be accepted on Sunday, August 5. Those who are on the other side of the government-run car and flag car, they should apologize to the students and do not do such work in the future. If the process does not start on Sunday, he himself will be in the movement with the students, he said. He also said that the students will also be returned if the government starts these works.

Ilias Kanchan said to the protesting students, the cars can not be vandalized. They should be careful about the opportunity of their movement, not to create chaos in the movement. He said that he will stay with the students until the road is safe, the fight will continue.

Ilias Kanchan said that he has been campaigning for a long time before joining the protesters demanding safe road. Earlier the movement had been stopped many times. If he was directly involved in the movement of students, he would have imposed all the blame on him. He said his movement is 25 years old. So that the students are now spontaneously leading the way.

During the human chain at Nisrat, a number of organizations, including Bangladesh General Students Council, Insaniat Biplob Bangladesh, Ganasonghati Movement and other human organizations in front of the press club, demand a safe road.