I’d be killed if I traveled to Moscow to investigate Trump: Bob Woodward

Renowned American journalist Bob Woodward said, “If I used to go to Russian capital Moscow to investigate Russia’s intervention in the 2016 election, then I would have been killed.” She said this in a New York magazine interview on Saturday.

He said, “If anyone really wants to reveal the truth about Russia’s intervention in the US elections, then he must go to Moscow. Because the answer to this question is in Moscow. But I think if I would go to Moscow myself, then I would never have returned. ‘

Responding to the question, ‘Do you think you would have been killed?’ Said Bob Woodward, ‘Of course. It would have been a stubborn task. Because the idea that the Russian government has to the media and journalists is very dangerous. ”

In interviews, he was questioned about his recently released book ‘Fear’. The book he wrote is based on hundreds of hours of interviews with members of the Trump administration. It has revealed the role of trump activities as the president.

The 75-year-old journalist 40 years ago Watergate was the first to publish the investigative report on political scandals.

On Tuesday, his new book ‘Fear’ came in the market. Trump’s character was unveiled as the president in the book. It has been shown that trump trafficked and passionate decision-makers. Even the top people of the trump administration believe that the United States is going to fall into the national security or economic security crisis soon because of the trump.

The book was a second blow to Trump in one week. Prior to Friday Trump’s former campaign manager Paul Manfrove agreed to assist in the investigation of Robert Muller in two criminal cases and Russian intervention in the US elections.

Paul Manforth will accept these two charges of conspiracy against the United States and creating obstacles in justice.

But in a statement on Friday, White House spokesman Sarah Sanders said in a statement that there was no relation to the win of Trump with Paul Manfest. However, this Republican politician played an important role in the victory of the trump in the 2016 election.