I had a couple of car accidents! : Mohamed Salah

Mohammad Salah was short-lived for Chelsea in 2014. In the middle Italy came to Liverpool after returning to play in Rome. What was the most difficult thing to adapt to Liverpool? Salah replied

Vina vide vc Ellen saw the victory! It was so easy that Mohammad Salahar was the first season in Liverpool. He scored 32 goals in 36 matches and scored 44 goals in 52 matches throughout the season. What is easy! Wrong Salah said that he had to face difficulty in adjusting to the first year in Liverpool, Italy, from Rome to Italy. Not in the field, on the street! He also had accidents in more than once! Eprothomalo

In an advertising campaign, Salah was questioned, after being in England, it was the most difficult to adapt. In response, the Egyptian forward said that the road to Italy and England is just the opposite. The way in which it drives cars in Italy, it has to run in England, in the opposite direction. That’s the most suffocated.

Salah said, ‘It was very difficult for the first few weeks. Several times in the road crash, several times I gave up the car on the pavement. After that, I have adapted.

Having played great last season, he could not bring a trophy to the team. This remorse has left him. However, Liverpool did not play after losing in the Champions League final against Real Madrid in the opening game. This is also the cause of regret. In the last season, Harry Cain and Sergio Chavez chose Aguero to become the best player of the English Premier League.

Salah’s life has changed in the last season. I heard the story of how popular he is now in Egypt, ‘I am in my house in Egypt. A fan came and said, “Take pictures with me. I got it After two hours I see, he came back again. Now eight people with him. They will take pictures. I said, okay, on. During the night, I saw the door tight again. Open up the fans again. Now a bus man! I told him, what are you doing? He said, everyone is saying that this picture is taking place and people are coming. The next day or many more will come! ‘