I Am Part of the Resistance Inside the Trump Administration

A senior official of the Trump administration published an anonymous sub-editorial about the administration’s silent resistance against the dictatorship of President Trump. The New York Times said that seldom they publish anonymously sub-editorial. In this case, the importance of the situation is understood so that the officer is not endangered in professional life. There is already speculation that the officer who can be President Trump said all allegations are fabricated, the newspaper said the author’s name must be disclosed. The New York Times said it was determined to keep the identity of the author secret. The sub-editor is published here in the translation.

President Trump has studied his presidency. No other leader of modern America had to pay.
The matter is not only that the special prosecution has become threatened. Or the country is bitterly bitter about the leadership of Mr Trump. Or his party can defeat the leadership of the House in an opponent, who are desperate for his fall.

This crisis is not what he realizes – many senior officials of his administration have been relentlessly working from within to give his agenda and his worst tendencies to partially fail.
I know. I’m one of them.

One thing needs to be clarified. This is not our favorite ‘resistance’ to the leftists. I want this administration to be successful and think that many of its policies have already made the United States safer and more prosperous than ever before. Eprothomalo

But we believe that our first assignment is to this country and the President is behaving like this, which is harmful to our Republic’s health.
For this reason, many of the Trump-appointed people have been sworn in to uphold our more misguided incentives as well as upholding our democratic institutions as well as until the expiration of Mr Trump.

The President’s immorality at the root of this problem Everyone who works with him knows that he is not firm in any understandable basic principles, which guides his decision.

Although he has been elected as a Republican, President Francois feels very affectionate to the liberated liberals, liberal people and liberals who are cherished by Republicans. He emphasized these ideals in the big stressed environment. In the worst case they attacked them directly.

In addition to promoting the mass media by describing the media as ‘public interest’, the trend of President Trump is generally anti-business and anti-democracy.
do not misunderstand me. There are some bright areas, which failed to highlight almost continuous negative campaigns against the administration: effective deregulation, historical tax reform, more vigilant military forces and more.

But these achievements are not the same, but the characteristics of the president’s leadership, which are emotional, disturbing, narrow and inefficient.
From the White House, senior officials of the departments and organizations of the executive branch have confessed their constant and irresponsible remarks about his remarks and activities. Most of the people are working to keep their activities away from their freak.

The meeting with him goes out in context and out of control; he engages in revitalization and his tenderness produces semi-boiled, little-known, and sometimes desperate decisions, which have to come away from.

A top bureaucrat recently complained to me that the President was relieved of an important policy decision given a week before the Oval Office, whether there is no way to say literally, whether he will change Moti from another moment.

This type of whimsical behavior could have been of more concern if there were unknown heroes inside and outside the White House. He has presented some of his assistants as the media villain. But aside, they have burned many bugs to keep bad decisions limited to the West Wings, although not always successful.

In this chaotic era, it may seem to be the message of consolation, but Americans need to know, there are people in the house. We fully understand what is happening and we are trying to do the right thing, even when the President does not trump, still.
It has resulted in the presidency of two boats.

Take the matter of foreign policy: President Trump openly and indirectly show favoritism to dictators and dictators like Russian President Vladimir Putin and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, and the relations that we have tied up with friends and equal countries rarely evaluate them. .
Critical observers have also noticed that the rest of the administration is walking on the other side, where countries such as Russia are criticized and punished for unauthorized activities, and where worldwide allies are involved in being as paranoid instead of being cheated by opponents.

For example, in the case of Russia, the President was reluctant to expel Putin’s spy on a former Russian spy in Poetry For several weeks, he expressed his frustration with the anger of the senior officials for continuing to engage in further conflict with Russia and continued to block the United States against the country for its ill-treatment and misbehavior. But his national security team knew well, that such a measure would have to be taken for accountability in Moscow.
This is not the work of so-called state secret agencies. This is the work of a steady state.

In view of such instability, the cabinet had initially begun to use the 25th amendment, which had begun a complex process to remove the president. But nobody wanted to create a constitutional crisis. So we can do whatever is possible for us to direct the administration, as long as it does not happen in one way or another.

The big concern is not that Trump has raised the position of president, but as a nation, we have given him what we have to do, the big concern is that. We got downside down with him and let our discussions go awry. Senator John McCain has bestowed this in his outgoing letter. Paying attention to all the American people and to be united with our universal values ​​and love for this great nation, it is necessary to be free from the trap of this grouping system.
We may not have Senator John McCain. But we always have the illumination of his illustrations in the lives of the public representatives and in our national dialogue. Mr. Trump may be afraid of such honored people, but we should respect them.
The people in the administration have silent resistance to place the country first. But the rise of politics, the increase in the hands of the opponent and the determination to shake all the identity of the identity of the identity of the common people will make a real difference. She is the identity-we are American.