Human Wall of brothers for the sisters in the streets

Public transport in front of Dhaka, on the streets of Dhaka, holding arms and hand holding hands, the protesters’ teenager’s party demanded the safe road. Boys on both sides are holding hands, girls in school-college are safely going in peace. Today, this unprecedented scene is seen in the capital New Market area on Saturday.

School-college students have come to the capital on Saturday from the morning of the last 6 days. They are not preventing traffic. Just checking the license if you get a car. Keeps fit if it does not fit properly. The incident occurred in the capital’s Mirpur and Jigatala clashes. In this, several protesters were seriously injured.

Immediately after the collision a news spread that online four schoolgirls were arrested and tortured. Although no such allegation was found till the report was written. Nevertheless, boys and girls made the human race on the streets in order to keep the cohorts of the movement safe. Asked, ‘We’re taking them safely.’