Huawei Looks to Beat Samsung to Market With a Foldable Phone

It’s been heard for several years that a smartphone that can easily be folded. So much so that it was just buzzing. The chance of seeing such a smartphone in the market may be coming next year. South Korean company Samsung is looking forward to creating a new display.

They can release flexible display phones in the market soon. Market analysts are speculating that Huawei, a Chinese technology company, will try to outsmart Samsung in the folded smartphone market. They also bring in the convenience of folding smartphones in the market. If the year 2015 is unpredictable smartphone technology, then 2019 will be foldable or folded technology.

Technology analysts say that many smartphones are now technically available to fold. Especially the OLED panels are made of flexible layers. Such displays are shown in technology exhibitions. LG brings a smartphone called Jefflex, which can be curved slightly. The look of a completely flexible or folded phone is not yet available.

Samsung is far ahead of creating a fully folded smartphone The officials of the organization also indicated that they would bring a new smartphone. Huawei has signed an agreement with China’s display maker, Bio to pay Samsung’s folded phone market.

Huawei is going to use a flexible screen of Chinese firm of foldable smartphones, according to a report by Technology Site Verge. The screen is planned to make a limited amount of smartphones. Analysts believe that Huawei can bring a foldable smartphone market at the beginning of next year.

BEE known as Beijing Oriental Electronics Founded in 1993, the company has expanded recently in the screen business. Apple has already provided some LCD screens for the iPhone. Now they are focusing on OLED production and innovation.

Market analysts are of the opinion that Samsung’s ready-made smartphone can be worth 2,000 US dollars. The company of China will create low price phones than that.

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