How Much Power is Erdoan ?

Recep Tayyip Erdouan again elected Turkish President He got this responsibility for the second term. But for the first time a much more powerful Erdoğan. In the door of establishing a strange dictatorship, maintaining the democratic tradition.

The ruling party led by Erdouan led by Islamist AK Party and its coalition allies won a majority in the parliament. Erdovan received 53 percent of the votes. His nearest rival, Muraharam Inge, got 31 percent.

Erdouan was the 11-year-old prime minister before becoming president in 2014. Turkey has been under emergency since a failed coup in 2016. Later, last year, Erdouan extended the president’s power by winning a controversial referendum. The president-ruled democracy was established in that referendum. The parliamentary democratic system is canceled. Erdovan will be abolished from now on due to the responsibility of the Prime Minister’s post.

A report in the news agency Al Jazeera said that the election was disgusting even if the people’s verdict was accepted, the opposition leader Muharram Eng said, “The constitution of a dangerous one-party rule has come into effect.” He said, ‘I have accepted this result. The representatives of eight million people are now Erdovan. Now he is our president. ‘
Today, after the victory, Erdovan said in a speech to the people from the verandah of the party’s office on Monday, “Each one of my 810 million people is the partner of this victory.”

Islamic leaders including Iranian President Hassan Ruhnis have already congratulated the new president. Russian President Vladimir Putin congratulated the majority of his supporters.

Awaiting supporters of ruling party party Turkey, June 24. Photo: AFP
Awaiting supporters of ruling party party Turkey, June 24. Photo: AFP
But what is the change in politics politics through this result? A BBC Online report says that President Erdouan will take new power under the new constitution of Turkey. That decision came last year’s referendum. Erdovan took 51.3 percent of the ‘yes’ votes in the tough competition and virtually made the president’s chair for 12 years. The ability to direct the appointment of government officials at high level including ministers, deputy ministers, intervention in the legal system of the country and the empowerment of the state is now fully in his hand.

That is, most of the power is being held in the hands of a person. According to the new constitution, democracy is not like the United States or France. 64 year old Erdouan is the most popular politician of modern Turkish. He has wide popularity among urban youth. Supporters believe that Erdogan will use his greatest power to deal with the financial crisis and to curb the Kurdish rebels. Erdouan said in the winner speech, Turkey will work more strongly against terrorist groups. He also announced that Turkey’s forces would continue ‘liberating Syria’s land’, so that 35 million Syrian refugees in Turkey could safely return home, he said.

He won the chance to govern Turkey for more than five years through the victory in the elections. According to the new Turkish constitution, he will get a chance to contest again after 2023, if he wins, he will be Turkey’s president until 2028.

Erdouan is actually a powerful ruler. Before the election, an analysis of the BBC’s future presidential capacity was highlighted in a BBC report. It is said that the Prime Minister’s post will be omitted and the executive power will go completely in the President’s hand. That means the president will be the ‘Head of the State’ and ‘Head of the Government’. The president can appoint the minister, the deputy minister, the judge and the bureaucrat directly as his own choice. No elected vice president will come. Earlier, the national budget was passed through parliament. But now the draft of the president himself. If the parliament does not accept the new one, the implementation of the previous budget will be implemented. According to two-thirds of the parliament, the President can impeach the President but the final decision will be given by the constitutional court, most of whom will be elected by the President. The Venice Commission of the Council of Europe Human Rights Group has expressed concern about this reform of the constitution.

Prior to the referendum on changes in the Turkish constitution last year, a report said that the president was given the maximum executive power, which would weaken parliamentary control.

But Erdogan’s ruling party has stressed that the steps are progressive at that time. It is said that the military court will be abolished and the law will pass on the decree of the President. They try to gain public support by saying that new steps will lead to political stability.

A member of the party’s board member, Jenep Jane Kandur, said the president will be elected by the people’s vote and he will be solely responsible for the ballot box. This does not weaken democracy, but the foundation of democracy is strengthening because the President is coming directly to the people’s votes. They said, it can be compared to other Western Presidential systems.

However, analysts believe that the comparison with the United States or France is not correct. Because in the US, executive, legal and judicial powers are completely different. If the Congress rejects the budget, the federal government will stop implementing it until it is amended again. The President nominates Justice and Cabinet Members