Hiring the car papers in the BRTA

• The application of the BRTA office has suddenly increased
• The violence of the brokers is going on as before
• Government fees for driving licenses
• The process takes six to seven months to finish.

The application of the Bangladesh Road Transport Authority’s Office has suddenly increased to get the driving permit (driving license) and renewal of the transport papers. This situation arose after the protesters started to test the driver’s license and car papers of protesters demanding safe road.
Officials of the BRTA office in Mirpur and Keraniganj in the city of Ecuador have confirmed this information. But the quality of their service is the same as before. The brokerage of brothels in BRTA offices is going on as before. Eprothomalo

Sunday at 11pm Mirpur BRTA office. Spread three-four small jatla spread out of the main gate. Inside the office, bankers, banks around Badamtala are active around the rooms. Stamps near the main entrance, photocopy shops are their main bases.

From there until 2:30, it was seen from the brokers that if the hands of the brokers are being handled, the work is going on fast. Even brokers’ priority to submit fees to the bank The general secretary is standing in line for hours. People who come to the service complain that unauthorized harassment is being done to get services in a general process. But the brokers are working fast with them.

Talking to five brokers, two Ansar members and two officials, the BRTA increased the crowds to renew the transport papers and driver’s license after the students’ movement started demanding a safe road. In the first day of the week, the BRTA was overflowing crowd.

A broker named Sohag has offered to work for different people. If you want to get a driving license, he said, it will take one month. The cost will be 8 thousand taka.

Government fee for driving license is Tk. 3,500 The process takes six to seven months to finish. After six months of licensing driving license, practical test dates are given.

Asked how to do so quickly, Sohag said, “We have no charisma in our hands. All the work is done by the hands of the officers and employees. We get some commission as an agent. “Then after the busyness, he said,” There are so many people coming today. I can not finish the service with everyone. ‘

Vehicle arriving to fix papers exceeded BSL Residential Complex. Brokers are running there too Doing bargaining. They offered to do everything without cereals.

The government has to submit the prescribed fee to BRAC Bank branch inside the BRTA office. Many people complain that they are unable to deposit money even for a few hours. However, when the brokers are happy, they are going to deposit the money. There are almost half an hour to see, the work is going on very slowly. People are making a loud voice to move away from the brokers.

Dulal Howlader has come from Badda area to renew the license. He said in the first light, “I stood in line at 9 am. We could not deposit the money at 12:30. After paying an extra 200 taka, I have deposited the money with one broker.

Speaking in front of Bisho Photoshop, with the broker Ayub. He demanded the transfer of ownership of a motorcycle to Tk 6,000. One day promised to work. The government fixed cost for the transfer of ownership of motorcycle was Tk 3,600. BRTA took two or three days to complete the process.

Ansar members, who are in charge of the security of BRTA office, also work with the money. Ansar members Siddiq, Ashraful, Ruhul Amin, Mohidul and Faruq are seen working with the money from the people. Asked about the reason for the money, the Ansar members became disenchanted.

Asked, BRTA Deputy Director Masud Alam said in the first light, the pressure of the people increased a lot after the students started the movement. Special operations are being conducted to reduce the activities of the brokers. Today (yesterday) six brokers have been sentenced for different terms.

About Ansar members, Masud Alam said that before the Ansar members were transferred a year later. Now every six months, even after two months, is transferred. Immediate action was taken when the complaint was received. The officer said that the BRTA service is trying to improve the quality.

Our Keraniganj correspondent said that this situation has been found in the BRTA’s Dhaka South Circle office at Ekuriyan in Keraniganj. There are more people than usual to get driving licenses. Kawsher Hossain, the driver of Jilatibari passenger bus, Hilsa Paribahan, said the driving license expired in July. The owner says that the license has to be kept from now on. If not, then the car will not be given.

In the last five days, 176 applications have been submitted for this new driving license. And 452 applications have been submitted to the Dhaka District Branch office.

Assistant Director of BRTA Dhaka South Circle (Engineering) Nurul Islam said in light of the first time that the number of applicants for driving license has increased since last week. Owners are also rushing for vehicle fitness and registration.