Hacking For Beginners The Ultimate Guide To Becoming A Hacker

by Bob Bittex  (Author)

Are you interested in hacking?
Always been curious about hacking but never did anything?
Simply browsing and looking for a new awesome computer-related hobby?

Then this book is for you!

This book will teach the basics and details of hacking as well as the different types of hacking. The book is targeted towards beginners who have never hacked before and are not familiar with any of the terms in hacking.

The book includes practical examples with pictures and exercises that can be done online.

I am Bob Bittex – ethical hacker, computer science teacher, security researcher and analyst and I would like to invite you to the world of hacking.
This book includes:

    • An introduction to hacking and hacking terms
    • Potential security threats to computer systems
    • What is a security threat
    • Skills required to become an ethical hacker
    • Programming languages for hacking
    • Other necessary skills for hackers
    • Hacking tools
    • Social engineering
    • Cryptography, cryptanalysis, cryptology
    • Password cracking techniques and tools
    • Worms, viruses and trojans
    • ARP poisoning
    • Wireshark – network and password sniffing
    • Hacking wi-fi (wireless) networks
    • Dos (Denial of Service) Attacks, ping of death, DDOS
    • Hacking a web server
    • Hacking websites
    • SQL injections
    • Hacking Linux OS
  • Most common web security vulnerabilities
Are you ready to learn about hacking?
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