Google’s Android P will use AI to save your phone battery life

Do not worry about the Android phone’s battery. Google has added an artificial intelligence feature to the Android operating system, which increases battery life. Deepmind has worked in this technology innovation.

UK’s entrepreneur Deepmind Technologies Limited, working with artificial intelligence, gains attention from Google. Google acquired the company in 2014. In the study of Deepmade artificial intelligence, they created a system called Alfago, which lost people in the game as the first computer program.

Google plans to utilize its products for the purchase of approximately $ 50 million. Its evidence was found this year. Deepmind’s research worked on Android’s pie software in Google. Google’s mobile operating system has improved. Google 9/1 or Google Plus has added features to improve the life of two battery life features of Adaptive Brightness and Adaptive Battery.

Generally, more frustrated users worry about battery charging and running the battery for long periods of time. Google has utilized artificial intelligence in this sector for its operating system. Google has added Deepmind’s artificial intelligence to both of the paid-up adaptive brightness and adapter battery features.

This will automatically stop the battery charging in the phone’s background. Besides, the Brightness will also control the display. This can be done with a smartphone ambient light sensor. But the use of artificial intelligence will improve it.

According to a report by Wired Online, both of the adaptive brightness and adaptive battery features of Deepmind’s work are supported by Google.

Android engineer Ben Murdoch said the data collected from the Android pyra test says that the system is working well.