Google Map caught Couple’s ‘kiss’ scene in see beach

Opening a Google map on the mobile phone often becomes a difficult seat. But this time the scene was completely different. The couple’s kiss has been captured on Google Maps.

The fact is absolutely true. Opening Google Map ‘Street View’ shows all the strange pictures. One couple could not know where they were caught, Google Maps captured their kiss scenes.

The Google Map looks different in their pictures. Absolutely weird He is sitting in a light mood on the beach. Kissing kissing each other Sunglasses in a woman wearing gray t-shirt Looking forward to the partner is love. But the map shows what it looks like. Some of their hands and feet have been pulled across each other. Many people will sit in question, does not the hands of the male partner?

A pair of legs is seen next to this pair, but the rest of the body is not there. Very strange Google Street View is a technology that lets you view pictures of Google Maps and Panoramic View in Google Earth, as well as a complete picture of any particular street in the world. The picture shows a strange peculiarity when it comes to viewing the panoramic view. Where to take the photo for user privacy but it is not known.

Before that, a similar picture said that the existence of ghosts said many others. Google updates new pages and gives users the convenience to Google. Many times this looks weird, so the pictures look like this.

A car from Google uses the Panorama facility to go to the streets of the world and make pictures of that place. There are nine cameras in Google Drive, with the help of photos taken in 360 degree view. With special laser and GPS facility, which determines the distance between the photos from which photos are taken as soon as the photo is taken.

After collecting the pictures of a specific area, after collecting data of the place, after multiple selection and verification, it is added to Google Map.