Google launches new search experience for job seekers in Bangladesh

Apart from finding various information online, from now on, Bangladesh also has the desired job information through Google. Google has introduced the ‘Job Search’ feature for users of Bangladesh since yesterday. Google launched the feature on June 20 last year. In the beginning, only those in the United States have the advantage, but the search giant is launching feature in different countries gradually. In this series, the feature has been introduced in Bangladesh, Pakistan and Sri Lanka since yesterday. By using this new feature, the job type of Google’s search option, the position of the top job portal in Bangladesh, and the employment of various companies published on the website will be displayed. That means, Google will display various job information when writing ‘Part Time Job’, ‘Software Developer Job’, ‘Marketing Job in Dhaka’. Clicking on links will allow direct application of direct employer and direct application. Not only that, the company’s distance from the applicant’s position will also tell how much. As well as computers, Android and IOS operating systems run on any of these mobile phones.