Google advised Inbox user to use Gmail

Google’s ‘inbox’ mail application will be closed in March 2019. Those who use Google’s Inbox are advised to use Gmail for the company. The information was provided in a blog post in Google.

In 2014 Google launched ‘Inbox’ as their innovative app. It was also possible to use Gmail as a second email service. Google took it as a test platform. After testing the new feature it added to Gmail.

Google’s inbox service is not very popular Its users were less.

“I want to go ahead with the goal of giving the best email experience to everyone,” said Matthew Yajt, Gmail’s product manager, in a blog post last Wednesday. As a result, we are only focusing on Gmail and closing the inbox in March 2019.

Google has added many features to the artificial intelligence in the inbox app. There are many features like Smart Replay, Najes, High Priority Notification.

Yajat said, any change is difficult. But a guide to change has been made so that you can easily go from the inbox to Gmail.

Google introduced a new version of Gmail earlier this year. It has a new look like smart compose, so that you can quickly write e-mail. Most of the new features are from Inbox.