Gmail Warning: App Developers Are Reading Your Private Messages

Be careful with the Gmail users. Friends, colleagues or loved ones-whom anyone can send e-mail messages, they can read right third-party app manufacturers. Not only that, the e-mail address of the recipients of the message can also be found. There is no need to use surveillance apps or cyber attacks, the Gmail authorities themselves have the opportunity to do so. Originally Gmail’s access settings, because of adding third-party apps to the account, the users have the opportunity to read all the messages they exchange. In order to keep themselves safe in this matter, Google will take pre-permission permission from the users under different conditions. By acknowledging the matter, Google said that it is done with the consent of users to use Gmail for the use of various applications. Because any e-mail app developer or organization must have Gmail access. Gmail has been granted access to certain third-party app developers and organizations working to comply with Google’s policies. For this reason, their activities were reviewed in a number of steps. As a result, many app makers want this opportunity but their request is rejected because there is no logical reason. Note that Google employees are also given special access to Gmail access. They were given the opportunity to find safety, technical difficulties.

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