Gareth Bale is making forgetting Cristiano Ronaldo

Gareth Bale was waiting for the moment in five seasons. The team was not being able to become a world record by joining a team. Cristiano Ronaldo was in Real Madrid! The Portuguese superstar has added surprise to Juventus. The fans of Madrid are still crying for Ronaldo. But Bell is telling, he is ready to fill Ronaldo’s void. Bell’s goals and Asstest AS Royals lost Real 2-1.

In the International Champions Cup today, Real played his last match. Though the pre-season preparations have been so daunting in the field, the real best XI has been picked by Real today. Regular XI’s Luca Rodriguez, Verney, Marcelo and Cassimiro are now in Madrid. All of them were left at the start of the Met Life stadium. Roma could not stand in front of a team of Real in the New Jersey stadium.

In the second minute of the match, using a ball on the right end, using the outer part of the boot increased the ball through the ball to Marco Assenio. The Spaniard, who scored two goals in the previous game, did not make any mistake by getting such a great opportunity. The ball sent by the goalkeeper of Roma sent the ball. Two minutes ahead of Real. Eprothomalo

Asencio has a great rhythm. Photo: Twitter
Asencio has a great rhythm. Photo: Twitter
Bell got his goal in 15 minutes of the match. Dani Karvahal made a long cross with a ball in front of his de-box. He took the ball to Belle. Bell went to the box with a ball to control the ball. Goaler side by sending the wrong defender to the goal Double is the difference between Real. After Ronaldo’s departure, Real-Ace Real, Bell-Ascensi scored goals in two consecutive matches. More important than this, the understanding between the two teams has been noticed, the coach Hulane Lopezteg’s anxiety will be far away. The idea of ​​playing Bell and Assenio at the right end as ‘False Nine’ will be of little importance to him.

As long as Real Madrid’s Real XI were in the field, Roma could not take control of the match. Strytman got the chance to forget the inexperienced in the 83rd over. But Roma did not return to the game even if the gap was reduced. Real Madrid will play in the final warm-up game in Madrid on Saturday against AC Milan.