For This Reason, Indian Occupation Of Higher Rank In Bangladesh Is Increasing

Writer and blogger Pinaki Bhattacharya recently expressed his anger over the employment of many people from the private sector in the private sector of the neighboring country of Bangladesh.

This is quite a matter of discussion if Pinaki Bhattacharya’s comments were written in the media. In this context, on Wednesday, an Facebook account has published Analytical Writer Sainul Hossain.

According to information published by Sainul Hossain, he is currently working as the Director of Custom Access Design section of Latin America and Canada, Asia-Pacific Region, Europe, Middle East and Africa, at the end of the famous commercial firm AT & T.

Pinaki Bhattacharya wrote in his comment that Indians who send remittance from Bangladesh are the sources of India’s fourth remittance. Last year, the Indians took 10 billion dollars from Bangladesh. The first remittance source is the United Arab Emirates, which is also 20 percent more than the remittances taken from Bangladesh.

Pinky Bhattacharya wrote, then understand how many Indian citizens are working here. They all work in high positions. They make the impact balls around them. Are our Arab elites playing the anti-public role for this reason? Have a vacation. If you keep this money in Bangladesh then think about where our economy is going.

In this context, Sainul Sosain wrote that the reason for the domination of Indians in the domestic job market is to really discuss it in a more detailed and accurate context.

It is said in the newspapers that this is the weakness of our educational institutions; Because, they are not able to create a capable or skilled person. What exactly is this word?

Sainul Hossain said that the Indians who have been given jobs have attained the qualifications by passing from their educational institutions and for that reason we have entered into a huge salary application by requesting online jobs in our private organizations?

He said, when our rich owners see the certificates of such and such institutions in India at CV, they are taking them? If that were the case, then the argument of the magazine could have been accepted.

According to Sainul Hossain, reality is not the same. He wrote, many years ago I heard from an industrialist that his new factory manager was from India. Because that manager worked in the same factory production management in India. An industrialist will not want to take a loan of millions, he will take the factory production bicycle, take him to operation cycles, and take him to the sales stage, whose skill has not yet been made. And the skill of making the skill is not of the university. It can not be achieved by passing the IIT or Aligarh, which is only the skill of the Indian manager, passing it from here. Therefore, the success or failure of the educational institutions (universities) is irrelevant here. Because, recruits are seeing skill, not seeing educational institutions certificates.

At this stage, he said, then where is the solution?

Later he mentioned a few things to solve;

First, the reporter of the newspaper has to be more logical. To know from industrialists; Owners are wondering which work.

According to him, the skill in our country has not yet been developed and they are making a shadow job to develop this skill. Through Shadowing, China, Taiwan, Korea, everyone has achieved their skills. Why our artists are not doing this?

Second, back to the basics. Technical skills can be achieved in two ways: through training or through experience.

He said, “I have heard that apparel design high training courses are going to start by funding our garment owners. Such steps should be taken in other sectors also. If there is a Demand of billions of billions of dollars a year in the country, why the supply side can not come from the domestic source?

He wrote that the power of all the people of the world is unlimited. There is no reason to think that the work that one Indian or a Japanese can do, will not be able to make the people of Teknaf or Tetulia.

Sainul Hossain said, there is no need to open a university for this skill acquisition, requiring Skillspecific Training Center.

According to him, if there is a lack of management, it can be taught by inventing in this training center. When to buy a glass factory, where to buy the cost will be less, what will be backup strategy, how to respond to the sznaal variance, quality control will be done in the last step or step by step, how to make decisions when suddenly a problem arises; Learning can not be achieved by skill. They have to learn from real experience or simulated environments. This is also true in India, true in Bangladesh.

He said, if any industrialist has told the news reporter that if the graduates of India go out with skill and the graduates of Bangladesh go out of the horse, then the question is whether the industrialist himself has come out of the horse; By which, he got the courage to invest in a business. Our reporter can do this question if he is logical minded himself.

Thirdly, the people of the country must have good wishes in the government for the job guarantee. I wanted to get a job with a higher salary from one foreign country and this situation needs to end.

He said that when I took jobs from Japan to England, my company had to first find a British or European citizen to do the same job. The magazine has to advertise online so that the British or Europeans can apply for it.