Football head will be Canceled!

Claims that the head of the head of the club was deadly harmful for the health of the brain. Now a US doctor demands that the head of football be canceled
The crossing of the teammate or the corner in the original box. Another teammate sent a jump to the net. This is a familiar scene in football. Goals from Head. This skill of the goal with the head is an integral part of football from the beginning. If it is said, the head of football should be canceled, it is very harmful for the brain’s health of the players. Then! Eprothomalo

Believing I do not understand? There really is such a claim. It is also possible that none of the non-injuries caused the brain’s disease Chronic Traumatic Cephalopathy (CTE) inventor Dr. Bennet Omalu He took the claim of the cancellation of football head. If not, then the doctor told to draw some limitations in the case of the head. He also said that the head of the 18-year-old was completely canceled.

OMALU has blamed the head for the brain problems of footballers. Many retired players have suffered from brain problems after retirement. As a result of this, he blamed the head in sports life constantly. Omaldu, who applied for cancellation of the head, said, “It is meaningless to control some of the rushing heads with head. At least the head of professional football should be banned. It’s dangerous. ‘

In this conversation with BBC Radio Five, Omalu said these things. The Nigerian-born American doctor has also demanded a ban on the head for the footballer, “no one should be heading under eighteen years.” Under-12 or under-14-year-olds should play football that is less physically challenged. We have to make it. 12 to 18 years old can play football but head can not be. ‘

How is it unusual to cancel the head suddenly in football? There will be many arguments against it, the debate will prevail. Understanding Ommalu, one thing reminds us, ‘It will be difficult for people to accept the head cancel’, but in this way science has developed. We change with time. The society also changes. So it’s time to change some of the ways.

After the revelation of Jeff Astle’s death to England and West Ham United’s former footballer, the debate over the head has begun in European football. Ashley died in 2004 after suffering 10 years of Alzheimer’s disease. After the study of the cause of his death, it is seen that Astle has died in the brain for sustained injuries (CTE). The main reason behind which is heavy skin football. Apart from this, continuous injury to the brain is also responsible for Alzheimer’s disease. Boxers tend to suffer from such diseases.