Finding a new ally will help you find a break in the US

In view of the new sanctions imposed by the United States, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan warned, “The relations between the two countries could be at risk. And so, Ankara will not hesitate to find a new ally. ‘

Turkey’s head of state, Erdouan, wrote the sub-editorial in the New York Times on Saturday, saying, “If the United States does not start respecting Turkey’s sovereignty and can not prove that they are able to realize the dangers facing our nation, our partnership might be at risk. ‘His message to the United States If we fail to exclude the tendency of unilateralism and disrespect, then we have to start searching for our new friends and allies. ‘

In a televised speech earlier this week, President Erdovan urged the Turkish people to buy Lira (Turkish currency) in exchange for foreign exchange and gold. He also advised the people not to worry about the continuing downturn of the dollar against the dollar. In response to the turbulence of the local currency, ‘economic war’ is going on, he urges the Turks to say, “This is internal and national struggle.” In addition, he speaks as an alternative ally to Turkey, from ‘Iran to Russia, China and some European countries’ Commented.

US President Donald Trump tweeted after Erdovan’s television speech: “Our relationship with Turkey is not good now.” And so Turkey’s aluminum will increase by about 20 percent and steel by 50 percent. His office told the White House that the order was effective from Monday.

Shortly after the tweet of the trump, Turkey’s President Erdouan has threatened to find a ‘new ally’ and he is calling Russian President Vladimir Putin. In a statement in the Kremlin, two leaders discussed economic and trade relations. Erdovan’s office also gave the statement. It is said that two leaders have expressed ‘satisfaction’ because of the ‘positive’ progress of the relationship between the two countries’ joint defense and energy projects.

Ankara-Washington ties into conflict with Iran In a tweet, Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif wrote in a tweet: “The United States should treat the country’s sanctions and fear of drug addiction, otherwise the whole world will be united,” Washington writes, referring to the commitment to neighboring Turkey. , ‘We have stood beside the neighbor before, now I will stand again’. UK on Turkey Tray sanctions, he wrote, “to celebrate NATO ally Turkey to impose economic austerity embarrassing.”

Ankara-Washington relations have been going on for a long time in the Middle East over the supremacy of Ankara. It was even more intense by imposing US sanctions on Turkey. Analysts believe that due to the involvement of Iran, the complexity of the situation has increased.

Source: AFP, BBC