Finance Minister Jaitley compared Indira to Hitler

India’s central finance minister Arun Jaitley compared Indira Gandhi to Hitler on the 43rd anniversary of emergency. Jaitley said in a tweet on Monday that Indira Gandhi, like Hitler, did not cancel the constitution. But by misusing democracy, democracy was made dictatorship. The party has established the family system.

BJP leader Arun Jaitley, the ruling party in India, is not yet fully healthy after the kidney transplant. He is resting on the doctor’s advice. 43 years ago on June 25, 1975, Indira Gandhi issued a state of emergency in India. It was a black day in Indian democracy. Indira Gandhi later acknowledged that the decision was wrong. After 43 years on that day, Arun Jaitley likened Indira to Hitler in a tweet after another, adding new dimensions to the old debate.

Jaitley told Hitler and Indira in one seat, that neither of them has canceled the constitution of their own country. They used democratic constitution to democratize the dictatorship. By arresting Hitler opposition leaders, the minority government was made the majority. Indira wanted to legalize illegal elections with the help of law. But what Hitler did not do, Indira did it. He turned democratic India into a dynastic democracy.

Jettley did not leave the occasion reminding that during the state of emergency he was the first satirist He had to go to jail to organize a demonstration rally on the day after the emergency was announced.