Facebook’s Chief Security Officer joining Stanford is joining

Alex Stamos, the chief security officer of Facebook, has stepped down. He joins as a Fellow of Stanford University. Instead of who will come to the post of chief security officer on Facebook, it has not yet been announced. The information was reported in a New York Times report.

Stamos joined Facebook in 2015. Earlier he had worked in Yahoo.

While on Facebook, Stomose wrote a research article on abuse of social networking websites to attack elections.

Facebook has been criticized for privacy for a few days. In particular, Facebook has decided to sort out Facebook’s Security Branch after the ‘Cambridge Analyx’ scandal in March.

In a tweet, Stamos wrote, I gladly accepted the teaching and research work in Stanford. My last office on facebook on 17th August. From September, we will join Stanford.

Facebook’s Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg said Stamos played a very important role for Facebook. Facebook has appointed skilled engineers, security analysts, investigators and other skilled workers at the beginning of the year. So right now Facebook has said they are not thinking of appointing a new person in Stamos.