Facebook shares fall in data scam

Facebook has hit a big scam in connection with the leak of investigation and investigation. On Wednesday, the share price of social media was seen to fall to 21 percent. This has reduced Facebook market value of 13 billion dollars. This information was given in a AFP news agency.

A CNBC report says Facebook is not able to achieve revenue targets through leakage and false news scandals. Even analysts predicted the daily active user could not even touch them. Facebook has announced the second quarter earnings of the year. Because the target is not achieved, the price of the share price collapses.

Facebook authorities say nearly 250 million people are actively using their apps every month. However, daily active users on Facebook increased 11 percent more than last year. Wall Street predicted it was less than that. Daily active users in Europe decreased by 20.8 million compared to the last quarter.

In fact, a major setback comes from Facebook advertising income. Street account and factsheet predicted, in the second quarter, Facebook will earn US $ 316 million. But that’s a little less than the goal of Facebook They have earned $ 1,304 billion US dollars

Facebook’s chief financial officer David Wahner said, “We are focusing on the impact of the product. Especially privacy, which will affect our income growth. ‘

However, many of the investors on Facebook believe that Facebook will be back in the past.

Marx Rimini, an analyst with an analyst named MindShare, said, surprisingly mixed results. Passing it. It’s a temporary negative impact on the General Data Protection Regulation or GDPR in Europe. Advertisers and users have confidence in Facebook.

Facebook chief executive Mark Zuckerberg said that Facebook is now investing heavily in security and user security to keep security and user data safe.

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