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A few days ago an advertisement appeared on Facebook to see the message. The advertisement is from a Facebook page. The owner of those pages is a woman who teaches cakes and orders the cake. The advertisement was made of cake and taught. Very well written down there, what to teach, how long to teach, where to teach, how to pay course fee and course fee to be sent to any number. At the end of the advertisement, I think it is true? What will happen if you develop so much money and see if something like this is not actually done? From these thoughts, go to the advertising page and see what’s there. I saw thousands of likes, comments, shares and pictures of many beautiful cakes. By observing the reviews and reviews, I realized that there is no truth in it. Then call the number given in the advertisement and know the details. Everything seemed to be okay so I learned to make cakes in the course!

The person who gave this advertisement was the mother of two children. Her father-in-law, her husband, husband, and her children. He has many experienced and skilled on doing the course in the home and making cake. When I saw him I thought he was one of us.

Like this woman, I-I-many of us may experience some things. Someone can cook a lot better, make good clothes, make fun confectionery, someone may know block-batik’s work. If you are skilled in working and want to earn a learning by doing it, it is possible through Facebook. Many are now earning this way. Facebook pages are selling clothes, jewelry, cosmetic accessories, homemade food etc.

Once upon a time to start a new business, we had to think about the store. It’s not necessary to think about Facebook now. Through Facebook you can open your product or store.

More than everyone has a Facebook account. Click on the Home page of your account to see the Create Text on the left of the page that opens. Select Page here. Then choose Business or Brand. Give your page a name, which is the name of your business. Select which category the page is. For example: Cloth and Brand, Food, Apparel, Toys etc. Add a photo profile photo that goes with your work or business. Many people make logos for business, as a profile picture. Product pictures can be used as cover photos. The primary job was done. After the page is created, it must be turned into a page that is functional and active. Add a summary of your business to the description of the page. Post product images on this page regularly. Answer as soon as possible when someone makes a comment. Whenever you send a message, answer it quickly. Share the page with your contacts so that the number of likes increases on the page. In total, it is a trustworthy business that you have to highlight.

Do that, do not do that
If any order is received, arrange it within the stipulated time to reach your customer. Do not give any defective or low quality products to anyone. Then your business will be closed within a short time. For those who find the defective products or through Facebook were fooled, they will inform all links to your page’s name. Next time someone will not be able to buy products from your page. So you have to run your business honestly.

Another matter is professionalism. Different buyers will make different comments. Some comments will not be in your interest, do not get excited about it. If you can not supply any product to the buyer or the buyer if more than the prescribed period beginning Explain it.

Correct communication is important in online business. Request a buyer or customer after giving the product your feedback on your page. This feedback or feedback is very important. The next time someone buys the product from your page, you will be encouraged to buy these products after seeing these views. As you get better feedback, the more likely you are to sell your product.

Advertisement is the expansion
To make the page more familiar, you can advertise on Facebook. Users of Bangladesh and Bangladesh are less expensive to show ads through Facebook. There are different organizations that can do the job. If the International Visa or Master Card you can also advertise through your Facebook account to add.

Finally, to say that, if any good, so the plan is to succeed, patience, labor, and to be honest, whether it’s through Facebook earnings.

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