Facebook has Brought Fact-Checking Facilities to Many other Countries

Facebook authorities have been stepping up to stop spreading false news on facebook Facebook authorities They have taken a system called Fact-Checking to determine whether the shares shared on Facebook are fake. Facebook has recently decided to introduce this facility in a number of new countries. This information was made in a news of IANS.

The Facebook Fact-Checking Program is currently running in 14 countries. By the end of this year, they have planned to launch several more countries.

Facebook’s product manager Tesa Lions wrote in a blog post on Thursday, on Facebook, independent certified fact-checkers companies are rating the correct news. This has prevented 80 percent of spreading false news.

Facebook is currently contracting with fact-finding companies in different countries. These companies are connected with international fact-checking networks. In India, a company named Boom is performing the duties. Bangladesh is not in the list yet. But the name of the new country will not be named, it is yet to be informed by the Facebook authorities.

Facebook has said that fact-checking programs are being launched in four countries to test whether the pictures and videos shared on Facebook network are fake. Facebook’s machine learning technology is working on these tasks.

Machine learning will be used to identify the impact of spreading hoax or fake news from one country to another. Leyans said it would work with fact-finding partners.