Emergency Lane in the streets of Dhaka! Teenage girls have made an example!

Dhaka is the city of traffic congestion. In the streets of the city, the passengers are stuck in the hourly hours. No one does not mean traffic law. Do you want to drive In this town there are all the laughs of the nominees. But due to traffic congestion, it is almost impossible to take the emergency patient quickly!

There is a separate ‘Emergency Lane’ in the streets of civilized and developed countries. In this tremendous traffic jam, the lane can also be used for ambulance, fire service, police cars. Even after 47 years of independence, nobody can imagine this scene on the streets of Dhaka. But those who think that their knees-old boys and girls have created an emergency lawn in the streets of Dhaka!

A picture of the airport road in the Khilkhet area has spread to the social site. It seems as if the private vehicles in the blockade have long traffic jams. These boys have made a separate lane beside the road divider! Ambulance is going out of the lane with a lane. Patients are not going to suffer from any traffic congestion!

Is not it incredible? These boys proved that if we have little wishes, we can make this country beautiful. The government or the law enforcement force did not do that, the teenage boys After returning home from the highway, can this ‘Emergency Lane’ be able to keep the government?