Ejaculation Mastery: Voluntary Ejaculation and Male Multiple Orgasms Kindle Edition

by Al Link  (Author), Pala Copeland  (Author)

Learn the secrets of sexual masters! One of the best-kept secrets of our time is that men (not just women) can be multi-orgasmic. Not only can a man have several orgasms during one session of lovemaking, but also he can do it and still have lots of energy and desire. The key is learning to separate orgasm from ejaculation. Because ejaculation follows orgasm so closely — within a split second—most people think they are one and the same, but they are two distinct phenomena. With the simple techniques explained in this eBook, you can learn to master your ejaculation response, so that you ejaculate when you want to. Find out how to experience the pleasure of orgasm without the accompanying letdown that follows ejaculation.

Precise, detailed instructions on how you can master your ejaculation response and learn to have multiple orgasms. Instructions for mapping your sexual arousal by identifying your stage of erection and other signals that you body presents to alert you how close you are to ejaculation. A detailed sample arousal scale is included to assist you in creating your own. Specific directions on what to do as you approach the “point of no return” to delay ejaculation for as long as you and your partner want, so you can ride the wave of bliss for hours at a time.

Extensive information and resource links for understanding how to keep your prostate healthy. Learn about the symptoms of prostate enlargement, prostatitis, and prostate cancer—-how to prevent these health problems and how to heal them. Sections on massage, acupressure, prostate health and pro-sexual (aphrodisiac) supplements.

English | B004JZX0HW | 206 pages | EPUB | 767 KB

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