Einstein’s Theory of Relativity is Proven

Again the examination passed. And great results. The student’s name is Albert Einstein. The newly published information from the scientists, the light of the stars, 26 thousand light years away, tells the story of Einstein’s ‘General Theory of Relativity’.

In his theory published in 102 years ago, the scientist said that in the areas where the gravitational pull of the gravity exists, the light will spread less by creating less waves per second. In the terminology of science, this incident is called ‘Red Shift’. The reason is that the light goes on red in color every second.

When Milky Way is present in the center of the galaxy and is passing 40 million times heavier than a black hole, the researchers are trying to figure out whether such a person encounters the same name is “S-2”. He was led by Reinhard Gennellell, a scientist of Max Planck Institute for Extraterrestrial Physics, located in Gourcing, Germany. In Germany, a few hundred scientists from France, Portugal, Switzerland, the Netherlands, America, and Ireland have been observing the move of the ‘S-2’ side by the black hole for nearly three decades, from the Observatory located in Chile.

Gonzale told a press conference today that when the ‘S-2’ was running at a speed of 7600 kilometers per second, it was tested by the heavily black hole. It turns out, that the light was reddish in the same way, as much as Einstein had estimated in ‘General Theory of Relativity’.

Since there is no gravitational effect around the Earth, astronomers had to find a black hole, much heavier than the sun. The black hole that we have in the center of the galaxy, scientists know. It was necessary, a star that would pass by the huge black hole. ‘S-two’ is the same star.

Researchers from the year 1990 have observed the movement of the stars. Come back to the Black Hole from a distance and ‘S-2’ goes away. The purpose of the scientists was to test that the gravitational pull distances in the near and far, increasingly decreasing the light emitted from ‘एस-टू’, turned around in red color.

Still have not finished their test. It will continue in next month. However, when the General Theory of Relativity was passed in the test for 28 years, what would be wrong in some day? Gonzale and his teammates are blowing up the possibility.

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