East West University Student A S Fardin Ahmed Advanced level Robot made in their own efforts

East West University student A S Fardin Ahmed Advanced level robots made in their own efforts.

But due to financial crisis, it can not be further developed. She did not receive any help from government and non-government organizations for funding. So finally decided to give up the robotics.

In social media, on social media, he expressed his decision about the matter in a status. Thousands of people have shared that status.

Its status is highlighted for the reader …

“I’ll leave Robotics thinking.

I could come to this end in my own efforts. I did not get a fund even after trying so much. So we could not make any further development of the robot.

Government Assistance, East West University Assistance; I could not find any. Even in the sponsored company, I did not get a fund anywhere.

After the government fund’s request, when I was told on the Viva Board, did anybody help BUET to make your robot? After that, I understood that my birth was a mistake in the country.

(Faraden and his robot. Photo from Fardeen’s Facebook)

East West University could give a support in this regard. But do not worry, there is no point support for creative work here. ‘Give money, take education.’ That’s the policy.

Shahjalal University’s ‘Robo Robot’ developer was 11. And I was able to give some advanced output from the robot made by myself alone.

The response of my ‘Farbot’ from Rio was faster and more accurate. Even some mathematical questions asked, but the robot could accurately answer. The feature that most countries do not usually have on many advanced robots.

They got government assistance of 10 lakh rupees for the development of the Rebo. They also got a good fund from the university.

And the phobot’s fund is far from the point where no authority in our university came to search for the 6ft height robot. Instead of using my name they published in the magazine.

Some people said in front of me like this, “How exactly is the word robot with East West University?”

After listening to my varsity that sounds bad, but later I realized that it was right.

I could say as much as I could as an engineer in the robot; Maybe some engineering students might think of something as their highest job. Which I did not expect from myself after the admission in engineering

However, I did not give status as a failed engineer, as a citizen of a failed country.

Even if there is a line of follow-up robots abroad, the media of their country is stumbling and propagating it.

Or robots like ‘Sofia’ will cost millions, and the journalists of this country themselves will take responsibility for propaganda of other countries. But we will not get any government support for work.

Brother, young people like me will not work in big media. It may not be said that the government or university authority will reach this country.

With some difficulty I say, being a highly educated mercurialist in the country is better than becoming an eighth class politician. Soon the hills of Taka were made.

I personally thank the Honorary Chairperson of the CSE Department of East West University Sir Ahmed Wasif Reza and Surjit Das Barman Sir; Those who tried a lot for my fund.

‘Good by robotics.’

On the day that I have a personalized research lab, I will be back. “