Download Essential Mathematics for Economic Analysis (5th Edition) Pdf

An extensive introduction to all the mathematical tools an economist needs is provided in this worldwide bestseller.

01: Essentials of Logic and Set Theory
02: Algebra
03: Solving Equations
04: Functions of One Variable
05: Properties of Functions
06: Differentiation
07: Derivatives in Use
08: Single-Variable Optimization
09: Integration
10: Topics in Financial Mathematics
11: Functions of Many Variables
12: Tools for Comparative Statics
13: Multivariable Optimization
14: Constrained Optimization
15: Matrix and Vector Algebra
16 Determinants and Inverse Matrices
17: Linear Programming
New to this edition:

The introductory chapters have been restructured to more logically fit with teaching.
Several new exercises have been introduced, as well as fuller solutions to existing ones.
More coverage of the history of mathematical and economic ideas has been added, as well as of the scientists who developed them.
New example based on the 2014 UK reform of housing taxation illustrating how a discontinuous function can have significant economic consequences.

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