Do’t Play Tests, Eat Coffee

Virat Kohli said in the tour of England this tour, enjoying coffee and roaming around. It is a joke that India has to digest the same thing. The Indian cricket team did not have enough practice for that test
Virat Kohli gave a slight mood to the question. What did you know then, just to make fun, it would take a very serious form! What is your goal in this England tour, India captain said, ‘Last time I had been asked the same question before the England tour. Then I said, my goal was to go to England and watch coffee, and eat coffee. I see everything in a different way. Wherever we go, try to enjoy the country. ‘

This is the way to digest Kohli now. Former India captain and chief selector Sandeep Patil said, “After watching India’s game in the first two Tests, it seems that they took the captain seriously enough. In English conditions, they are literally enjoying coffee only. I know someone does not like criticism. But when a team plays so badly, they should be prepared for their reality, truth and criticism. ‘

A captain of the Indian team can comment like coffee on the tour of England, so that Patil does not want to believe, “In the previous era, we thought that we would have been better, we had to do better, learn, practice harshly. Senior cricketers must follow, learn from them, take advice. But Kohli did not even need the advice of a cricketer who has succeeded in England. They are happy to get England’s coffee. Indeed, when we see the Indian captains who have gone to England, Ajit Wadekar, Sunil Gavaskar, Sachin Tendulkar, Sourav Ganguly and Azhar; None of them ever made such an irresponsible remark before an important visit. ‘

Now, cricketers of Baiyankaka too much think they are too much. India has had a break for almost two weeks, like this in England this year. There was a four-day practice match between them. That too was made on the request of the Indian Cricket Board for three days. Gavaskar first questioned about this Kohli got a 5-day break before the Edgbaston Test. Patil said that during their time there was such a long tour. Then there was no question of the break, ‘I remember the first time I visited Australia, New Zealand and Fiji Islands. It was a four-month long tour. But our captain Sunil Gavaskar himself did not take any leave and did not even take anybody. For the whole four and a half months we were thinking that cricket was just cricket. We talked about cricket, cricket has played. ‘

We also had an example of the 1982 tour of England, Patil said, ‘We had two months of touring in England. Sunil Gavaskar was our captain. He did not take leave himself, did not take anybody. In 1984, there was no holiday in Pakistan for a month and a half. Kapil Dev was the captain in the 1986 tour of England. He did not even talk about any holidays. The result was, we won the series of services. ‘

The contemporaries of today’s cricket are considering the excessive busyness and tightening of the index. But no matter how good a player is, he does not think there is any alternative to practice. He said, ‘We played cricket, we have done a lot of practice. Nowadays players play cricket without practice. His results are in front of you.

Patil said, “International cricket is very tight now. But nowadays cricketers only have to play international matches. We had to play club cricket, office cricket, domestic cricket outside of international cricket in the seventies, eighties or the nineties. We used to practice strictly before each match. Cricket has changed a lot in the last four decades. But if you do not practice enough, the goal will never be met. Talk less, more practice and more cricket; This is my advice. ‘