Do not want politics in Islam, Prince Salman?

Saudi Prince Mohammed bin Salman is introducing a new era in the Middle East by putting women in the driver’s seat. But he is not limited to this. Islam is also trying to evolve Islam in order to strengthen its power. His predecessors used religion as a political weapon. That is why Yuvraj is making an opponent against Iran.

On Thursday, Mohammad Bin Salman has completed one year as the Prince of Saudi Arabia. Two days after the fullness of the government’s decision to allow women to drive. According to an AFP analysis, it has been said that in this one year, Yuvraj has taken such steps, which has shaken conservative Saudi Arabia only. The country is walking on the path of change with his hand.

But what is the change? The Washington Post says, Prince Yuvraj is the only target of bin Laden’s ambition to retain his dominance. That is why he is pushing these two religiously Orthodox and progressive parties.

So long the Saudi rulers were in favor of continuing the strict religious rule in the country. But since Muhammad bin Salman has been anointed as Prince, he has made a radical change in this policy. The main goal of the various reform programs he has taken is to corner hardline religious leaders. They are being caught in jail for this. The British journalist The Economist says that Yuvraj Bin Salman is seeking to free Islam from politics. He thinks it will be easy to remove the impact of the tough leaders. And if it is possible, then it will be beneficial in the future. Because the ratio of religious leaders will be reduced, the basis of his power will be very strong in the same ratio.

King Salman has nominated the royal decree last year and nominated his son Mohammad bin Salman as the successor. Yuvraj then announced Vision 2030 Under this plan, extensive reform activities in Saudi Arabia’s social and economic areas have started. Yuvraj says, so much change in keeping in mind the young community. The movie opened in the country overnight, the concert started.

Saudi Prince Mohammed bin Salman is introducing a new era in the Middle East by putting women in the driver’s seat. Symbolic pictures
Saudi Prince Mohammed bin Salman is introducing a new era in the Middle East by putting women in the driver’s seat. Symbolic pictures
The son of King Salman Khan started the anti-corruption campaign. Riyadh’s luxurious Ritz-Carlton Hotel has been built in the elite prison. It has to stay there from many influential members of the royal family, ministers and rich businessmen. The protesters say that no one can do the opposite of Yuvraj. This is why this arrangement can not be done against the Prince. Human rights and women rights activists are not being spared from the arrest.

However, Saudi customs, which are making changes to the social restrictions, are not unacquainted with the reforms. These were already in Saudi Arabia. Specifically, before 1979 there was no barrier to enjoying a movie show or concert in that country. Even during the reign of Abdel Aziz al-Saud, the founder of modern Saudi Arabia was not banned. But in 1979, in the wake of strong protests by Sunni hardliners in Mecca, radical changes came in the royal family policy. They obey Sunnis or Shi’ah to obey religious rule!

Yuvraj Mohammad bin Salman has said that reform reforms are currently being carried out, his aim is to return to the previous normal state. Sheikh Mohammad Alisa, the head of a Muslim World League, said, “Islam is always liberal in its own way. Fundamentalism has robbed this religion-it’s really unfortunate. ‘

Stefan Lankhova, Associate Professor of Sciences-Po University of France, says the Saudi Prince is trying to create myth. He told the Economist that since 1979 Ayatollah Khomeini came to power in Iran. The Saudi regime was hard even before he became the ruling. The difference is that since that year, Saudi Arabia’s regime has established the dominance of hardliner religious leaders. After the start of the jihadist program, Saudi rulers have suffered a lot to prove their affiliation with al-Qaeda, Taliban or Islamic State groups. However, there is not much difference between the Saudi hardliners with these terrorist groups who follow or follow the rules. The difference is only for political violence.

The Saudi rulers under the leadership of Prince Yuvraj Prince Bin Salman are now saying that there is no word of wahhabism. Although Saudi Arabia has patently sponsored the propaganda of the Wahhabism of various parts of the world till recently. To prevent Salafids, it is said that true Salafis should not have political involvement, but to follow the instructions of the ruler is the key point of the statement.

The Muslim Brotherhood is currently the face of the Saudi rulers. This organization reduces the practice of religious puritanism compared to salafids. At the same time, the issue of political revolt against the unrighteous rulers is also supported. That is why the authorities of Saudi and Persian Gulf region saw the organization as ‘problem-makers’. The fear has increased since 2011 in the Arab Spring. But before Preeti was in the place of fear! Then the rulers thought that only the Muslim Brotherhood would be able to stop the nationalists and the leftists. In 1990, after the invasion of Iraq’s former dictator Saddam Hussein in Kuwait, this fascination broke down. Because, at that time, the Muslim Brotherhood had supported Saddam. Only then the political character of the organization was published.

Concerned about the Muslim Brotherhood, London School of Economics researcher Courtney Fryer said this organization has looked at the economy of the Persian region. Where is brada