Do not tell reporter the enemy of the people, Trump to the New York Times

US President Donald Trump Photo: Reuters
US President Donald Trump Photo: Reuters
The publication of the New York Times urged the President Trump to not report reporters as ‘enemies of the people’. He said that this would be ‘violence’ against the media.

BBC tweeted, after tweeting about the issue, AG Salzburg published all their issues of ‘off-the-record’ meeting.

Trump said the meeting was ‘very fruitful’ in his initial tweet.

But later he accused the media of risking people’s life through their news.

In his first tweet, it is said: “One more false news left over the media and how the ‘enemy of the people’ has been born from the fake news, it is more talked about. Sad! ‘

He himself repeatedly used this fiddle, did not mention anything about it.

The New York Times then released their statement. It is said that the magazine has decided to ‘reply to the President’s statement about their discussion’.

Salzburg said that he had met with the meeting with Trump to express concern over the president’s ‘deeply problematic media rhetoric’.

Salzburg said that he told Trump to the “false news” buggy is “untrue and harmful”, but he is concerned about the issue of ‘highly regarded journalists’ as the “enemies of the people” (trumps).

President Trump tells the New York Times to review the attack against journalism. Photo: AFP
President Trump tells the New York Times to review the attack against journalism. Photo: AFP
Salzburg further said. ‘I have warned that this provocative language is fueling the threat of journalists and will lead to violence.’

Salzburg said he told the president, it is particularly true, in other countries, where some governments are using the rhetoric of the trump to stop journalists.

‘I warned, it is creating risk for life. This is hampering the democratic ideology of our state and it is destroying one of the best exports of our country: commitment towards freedom of expression and free media.

The publisher of the New York Times said that when he was unhappy with the news of his newspaper, the New York Times did not say that he should stop the trump but criticized him (“Trump”) to “reconsider the attack against journalism”.

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