Do not hold meetings if threatened Iran is not North Korea

In this language, Iran responded to Trump. The United States wanted to sit with Iran in a nuclear talks with the threat of closure of nuclear activities. Iran has rejected the threat message directly.

Iran’s Foreign Minister Javed Zarif said the United States will not be able to persuade Iran to hold talks with any kind of pressure. Iran will move forward if it meets political rules.

The US-Iran tension has been running since 2015. On August 6 this year, the nuclear talks of the two countries were resolved. Tehran also responded to the meeting in diplomatic mode.

Without any agreement, Iran is also ready to meet at any time, it is said that the agreement is ready at any time. US to stop Iran shortening international coalition US threat, contract will not help to control Tehran.

Iran’s Foreign Minister tweets this to President Trump.

The United States did not leave Iran in different gatherings. Trump has threatened to show Iran a “bad time” in regards to nuclear activity. The United States trumps from Washington DC and warned that the United States will not understand. Tehran said this statement back.

Iran’s reply to trump, clearly tell Trump Iran does not have the ability to control threats.

Trump said that Iran’s nuclear weapons launch was ‘a terrible display’. There is no defect in the world to face Iran. The United States has been playing a leading role in eliminating Iran’s commercial sector. Several countries including India have been asked to stop the import of oil from Iran.

In this situation, the United States told Iran that the United States will not be able to stop Iranian trade in any way. What next step will Iran take? The United States looked at!