DMP Commissioner Salut of the Protesting Children

Police will observe the traffic week from tomorrow. At this time, the car driver’s license, including the non-fitness vehicles, will be done in all the traffic laws. In this case, soft-spoken children want to help their children. The protesting children awakened the moral foundation of the police.

DMP commissioner Aashaduzzaman Mia announced this at a press conference on Saturday in the capital city’s DMP Media Center.

DMP commissioner said, “Guerrilla guides and boy scouts will be taken to the traffic week. Salute to our benevolent children, what the youth did. They are welcome to help in traffic week. They have stirred the moral foundation of the police, strengthened them, opened their eyes and ears. Thank you so much for them. But now they should go home.

Referring to the movement against the movement of a party to flutter differently, Aashaduzzaman said, one party wants an accident if the government is out of control. But our police force will not let it succeed. Provide school dresses to question this movement and make some sabotage. Many foreign schools are entering the garment. Some people are providing street food to street protesters. Some of them have been identified, trying to identify others is going on.