Diversity is Power: Justin Trudeau

What I like most about the University of New York (NYU) is that five percent of the students here come from Bhain. As the first member of the family, the student’s condition is similar, so the rate of student is similar. There is as much diversity as possible in a team.

When I graduated in the early 1990’s, I went out in the world with a group of nice friends. Surprisingly, those friends are still very close to me. We have moved on the other side of Asia, Europe and Africa, we have been riding mountains. This is one of the best experiences of my life. He’s a great adventure! In my knowledge, education is an important contribution to this journey. Because this is the first time I had to mix with different types of people, to adapt to new experiences, customs, languages, values. When a young man from Montreal met a Korean prison living in Mauritania, a Russian soldier fighting in Afghanistan or a shopkeeper in Danaang, was suddenly introduced to the crowd. Many unknowns are known.

Many of you are planning a trip to the end of university life. Some people will say to you, ‘Nowadays, it is not right to go on such a journey at this age. It is not safe! ‘My question is, are these well wishers concerned only about our physical security? Or do they think that if we leave our own circle, we may look at a new world, maybe my beliefs and values ​​will change with new people, maybe I’ll come back as a different man! Maybe they want to keep us in this fear.

When I went out in the mid-1990s, the world of that time was not even less complicated. There was a problem, there will be future, too. If we are detained inside our own circle, then we will never learn to respect each other, we can not solve a problem together. We have a strange fascination towards negativity. Movies, TV, everywhere you will see this thing. But the problem and the probability, but always keep the balance. Extreme poverty can erase us from the earth, remove malaria or TB name, we can ensure good education for every human being in the world. To do this, we all should have shoulder shoulders. We must fight with our narrow mentality with humanity.

Do we go to the same church? Great, you are my group. You speak my language? So you’re in my team. You read the NYU? You are one of us You play pokemon? So you’re in my team. In all places, only groups, ethnic groups, groups It is not a problem of teaming up with anyone, the problem is to get rid of the rest of the team. You are one of us, but not!

Diversity of color, gender, language, religion, belief or values ​​can not be our weaknesses. Rather it is the biggest power.

Therefore, my request to you, go out from here and go to a place where people’s beliefs or values ​​are different from yours. Listen and listen to them, try to understand. Find out where his match is with you. You can see the whole world through the finger touch. But if you go to another end of the world, you will see a whole other world waiting for you. You will meet some ‘teacher’ in every post and you will learn something new. Please accept this education. You are a student Life will be there forever. But now it’s time to lead you.

Every generation, when did a leader know? When one understands, the responsibility to solve the problem is not to anyone, but to himself. Now you have the time to realize this
Congratulations to class of 2018. Go, change the world! (Compressed).

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