Daniels did not enjoy sex with trump!

The British magazine of porn has collected a copy of pornography starry Danielle’s book ‘Full Disclosure’. In the book, Daniels gave a clear description of his sexual relationship with US President Donald Trump. The book is coming out in the market one month before the crucial mid-term elections in the United States, on October 2.

The Guardian report said on Tuesday that Daniels in this open book said that the union with Trump could have become ‘least joyful’ in his life.

The news of the magazine says that while describing Trump’s secretive picture in the Daniel’s book, Mario Kurt mentioned the context of the frogs character of video games.

Daniels claimed that Trump had sexual relations with him during the elite golf tournament in Lake Tahoe in 2006. At that time, Trump’s wife gave birth to Melanieya-son Baron, the real-time television star.

Stormy describes how the trump was seen for the first time in this book in the Golf Tournament. He wrote in the book, on his invitation to a bodyguard dinner for him (Trump), they have sexual relations with the troupe at the Penthouse. Stormy said, ‘That was probably the least joyful match in my life, but apparently he (Trump) did not think this attitude.

Danielle’s lawyer Michael Aventytti tweeted after the news in the Guardian, “The most important thing in the book is not the description of Milon’s relationship with Mr. Trump.”