Cyber ​​Attacks Threaten New Types of Cyber Attacks

Cyber ​​criminals have now chosen a new type of cyber attack. Cyber ​​security firm McAfee’s latest report said, cyber miscreants increased ‘fileless’ attacks this year. They attack Microsoft’s Windows-based computer system and enter the corporate network.

According to McAfee Labs, miscreants using memory or different Windows executables in recent cyber attacks So it is difficult to identify such attacks.

Earlier, malicious software was trying to insert malware onto computers by downloading software. But now instead of downloading software or files, it provides some scripts, which can work in the background through computer-based tools.

Instead of inserting the malware onto the system in ‘fileless’ mode, the computer is trying to utilize the previously installed tool. The tools that are used to run common scripts and as shellcodes in memory are aimed at them. The Windows Registry has these tools.

McAfee said in a statement that a threat to the fileless system is ‘CactusTort’. It uses the ‘datatatozscript’ method, which helps to run harmful programs. Cactus was shown to increase in the year 2016.

The cyber security organization warns that general customers and corporate users are at risk. The risk of increasing the attack on the corporate network, like the Cactus Stark. Misconceptions have been put into use in the security application of Windows applications and the trust of real software.

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