Cyber ​​attack in Iran’s Armed Force by US

Cyber ​​attack in Iran's Armed Forces by US

The United States has operated cyber attacks in the Iranian Weapons System. The attack was carried out last Thursday. This information was given in the BBC Online report on Sunday.

The US President Donald Trump has backtracked at the last moment after a military strike in Iran prompted him to step down. Now it is known that the United States has launched cyber attacks in Iran’s weapons system.

According to the Washington Post report, computer systems of Iran’s rocket and missile launch control were ineffective in US cyberattacks.

In the New York Times report, the United States has launched a cyber attack in Iran as a substitute for the oil tanker attack and the US drone overload.

It is not clear from the sources that Iran’s cyberattack is being talked about Iran’s losses, which is neutral.

The US Department of Homeland Security warned on Saturday that Iran could launch counter cyber attacks in the United States.

Trump has imposed a major ban on Iran. But he did not say anything about the kind of restriction.

Trump says that sanctions are needed to stop Iran from making nuclear weapons. Economic pressure will continue if Tehran does not change its position.

Iran on Thursday sacked a sophisticated “spy” drone near the Hormuz system. Tehran claims that they drone the Iran airspace violation

The US denied the allegation, saying that the US drone was above the international waters, not Iran’s airspace.

The United States and Iran have increased tensions between the United Arab Emirates coast and the recent oil tanker attack in the Gulf of Oman. Washington blamed Tehran for these attacks But Tehran denied accusations. In this incident, Iran drone US drone. The tension between Tehran and Washington has gained new levels.

Trump has sanctioned a military strike in Iran to answer the drone incident. The attack was scheduled to start before the sunrise on Friday. Trump, however, ordered not to attack the last moment.