Cristiano Ronaldo Paying $21.8M to stay out of Jail

  • Ronaldo has admitted his responsibility in the tax evasion case.
  • Fines worth 19 million euros from the prison.
  • Ronaldo gets two-year suspended prison sentence.

    Cristiano Ronaldo has left Real Madrid for Juventus The Spanish tax authority was thwarted by the shocking excitement. Ronaldo left Spain, but he did not leave Ronaldo immediately, he threatened the organization. For the past one and a half year, the Portuguese Forward had been facing the fear of imprisonment for tax evasion.

The Spanish news agency EFE has been informed, Spanish authorities have negotiated with Ronaldo. Juventus’ new goal is to accept his responsibility for 4 different crimes. Ronaldo has accepted the penalty of 19 million euros (187 million and 14 million) and two-year suspended jail. According to the law of Spain, the first sentence of two years or less is not to go to jail.

EFE said Ronaldo had admitted to being guilty of being sentenced to jail sentence. In June 2017, the Spanish tax authorities made a secret allegation about the money received from the Portuguese copyright picture. Ronaldo paid 14.8 million euros to hide their claim information. From 2011 to 2014, the picture was said to have been done by the meaning of the picture. Ronaldo has agreed to pay 19 million Euros as a fine.

However, whether Ronaldo can get this punishment, it is still not sure. Because, whether the agreement will be accepted or not, it will decide the Spanish Revenue Division of Spain. If they are happy, they will get rid of liability only for the past two year’s footballer of the year.

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