Coup plan for Nicolás Maduro

Several Venezuelan military officials secretly held meetings with US officials to bring a coup against President Nicolas Maduro. A total of three rounds of meetings are in both sides. But the United States finally decided not to cooperate. These meetings were included in the meeting – according to the officials of both the countries on Sunday, the US media CNN reported.

The New York Times published the first news on Saturday. Yesterday former US and current officials confirmed CNN, the New York Times report is correct. But the White House has not agreed to comment on this. On the other hand, the PR Department of Venezuela’s Defense Ministry said they will not respond to this without the permission of the senior authority.

Concerned about the secret meeting, the New York Times report contains quotes from 11 former US and current officials, including a former Venezuelan military commander. The former Venezuelan commander said there are three rebel groups in Venezuela’s military, who want to get rid of Maduro. A group of them communicates with US officials. The communication was through a US Embassy in a country in Europe. The United States’ first concern was that such meetings could be secretly held and it could be propagated to establish the United States as a conspirator country. US officials were also fearing the overall situation of Venezuela could deteriorate if such talks were leaked. In this situation, a group of diplomats sent a delegation to the trump administration. They were instructed that no meeting can be said in the meeting; Only Venezuelan military officials will hear the speeches. No compromise can be made. First meeting is the third country; In September of 2017, After the meeting, US officials realized that Venezuelan military officials wanted to bring a coup but they did not have a specific plan. Rather they expect a direction from the United States about this.

The Venezuelan military commander said, “We did not want US military interference even if we expect guidance. We did not even support joint operations. ”

The second meeting is also at the end of last year. There Venezuelan military officials want a technology from the United States to which they can communicate secretly. But US officials returned the offer. Then the third meeting is at the beginning of this year. US officials here said they can not help in the coup plan.

The Venezuelan military commander also said that in the past year, the rebel section of the military has tried to coup more than once; But no one was possible. Because the plan has been leaked every time. It is believed that Maduro knew very well about meeting secretly with US officials. Source: CNN