Corporate Jobs How to Make Yourself

Many young people of this time are interested in job in multinational companies or corporate world. In that case, how should we create ourselves in the university? Talked with three experienced people Saifullah
Class ‘group work’ can not be run

M. Zulfikar Hossain
Chief Executive Officer and Chief Consultant, Gro and Exel

What is the job of a young job seeker among the university?

Firstly the communication skills needed. It is not only good to say good words, but also to know how to communicate in paper-to-email-sms. Secondly, problem solving skills. From small to large, you have to face many problems if you want to work. Whether you can handle the problem by leaving the head cool, it is important. Have a positive attitude, have leadership qualities. You have to learn how to work in a team.

We have to do various ‘group work’ at the university. There we can team up and practice the work.

Surely Group assignments are given in the class, most of the time, one can do all the work. The rest do not play any role. As a person who did not work, he did the same thing himself, just as he did all the work, he became stupid. You have to learn to work with others. You have to learn to share a work again. When working in different organizations of the university, team work is practiced. Now there has been a lot of volunteer work opportunities. These tasks will keep you ahead. During semester break many children work part-time jobs. It’s very good. Although the job is small, it has the opportunity to learn. Apprenticeship will have to be utilized. You have to learn as much as possible.

In that case, there must be an interest in learning …

Of course. Another thing is that now the job market is becoming very ‘digital’. Computer work must be learned as much as possible. Participate in various workshops. You need to know about networking. To make more emphasis in co-education activities, the results will not be bad again. CGPA is a criterion. Both have to be kept right.

Co-education programs will keep you ahead

Need work and confidence
Md. Mizanur Rahman
General manager, human resources department, apex footwear limited

Now the type of interview has changed a lot …

There are about 2-3 hours of interviews in our institute. First half-hour written test According to the written test, we talked to a job seeker again with a lot of time. Eat tea, tell stories. When the relationship becomes easy, it is easy to understand one. Many organizations have to do psychological examinations before jobs.

What kind of mistakes do CV or Resume?

Many people took many places in the beginning to write their name, mother’s name, address etc. after their own name. But if someone writes his target clearly in four lines at the beginning, then I would be interested in him.

Which two skills are the most important?

I think workmanship and self-confidence.

How do you verify that on the interview?

Examples of a boy. At CV, I got a secondary examination from a school in Sherpur. Jahangirnagar University has been admitted to Dhaka College from Higher Secondary. But MBA is a fairly standard university. So we asked, why did you not do MBA from Jahangirnagar? The boy said that he needed a job to stand beside the family. He came to Dhaka in search of job, MBA did. It seemed to me that he had a workshop. The boy who came to Sherpur from Dhaka had gone to Jahangirnagar to finish his graduation job. He’s been working with us for almost two years. Recently she is going out of the country by getting a scholarship.

It was said in a time that there is no job without ‘uncle’s emphasis’. Is this still applicable?

At present, the job market is competitive, but the maternal uncle will not be able to survive for a long time. Even if someone does not get a job in his own capacity, such as hemline will work, the organization will also be deprived.

Team mentality must be created

If the appointment notice is question papers, CV answers its answer
Sabbir Ahmed
Head of Human Resources, Khulna Region, Grameenphone

Result, or co-education program- Which is more important?

Depends on what kind of work you want to do If I want to hire an employee for sales or marketing, then can I find a better person? Which communication skills are good? Those who are associated with various clubs, sports and debates in university life, they will have priority in these areas. Again, if I look for someone for research or analytical work, then see who is the CGPA good. But for a job, when many CVs are submitted, primary sorting is usually seen in results. So if the result is good you will be ahead.

How does Resume or CV work play in getting jobs?

I always say, if job appointment notice is question papers, CV will be your answer sheet. The appointment notice will look very good. The organization has to be inquired about. According to your cv.

If the students of the university have to give three suggestions, what to say?

First, find out your goal. If you ask, what would you like to be? Most children will be frustrated to answer this question. So first of all to know what I want to do, I want to be. When the goal is known, it will begin to know about the second step-goal. Where, there are work opportunities. What skills are needed? The third year of graduation has to be investigated. The third idea is to start preparing according to the goal. Suppose you want to build a career in marketing. If you get the opportunity to work in different fairs then you can work as a marketing worker. Explore corporate entities, talk to staff there. Take part in various business case competitions at university level. Then you’ll be ahead.