Common 10 wrong Ideas about the BCS Preparation

Record number for the 40th BCS has been submitted. On one hand, a group of young people are preparing for the exam, while on the other there are various discussions and criticism. There are some common misconceptions about BCS in general. Writes Rahmat Ali. He was the first among the 37th BCS Foreign Cadre.

1. BCS is a face-to-face general knowledge test

Those who have no idea about the BCS syllabus or the process of testing, they usually think that way. Some people see this on Facebook or some other people from the neighborhood. In fact, in addition to general knowledge in the BCS exam, there are also tests of Bangla, English, Math, Science, Computer Knowledge or Mental Skills. The BCS cadre can not be read as a parrot. It can be passed in the preliminary examination in Tentune. In your brotherhood you must introduce creativity and talent.

2. A few months before the cadre becomes a cadre

Often confronted with a question, ‘When did you prepare for the BCS?’ I say, ‘from class one.’ Many people are surprised. But really I learned to learn from classes I learned, to read. Once upon a time, I studied fast, read magazines, read stories, joined co-education programs. All this is the preparation of the BCS. After many years of passing the life of the university, many people stood on the line in front of the library after passing it. Then make sure to sit for a night and a night. When he does not get a job then he abuses the test method of the country. The syllabus of BCS is such that, the more you are about the weaknesses, the more you have to prepare. The main thing is that the shortcomings that will be avoided by scam in student life, it is very difficult to fill up after the shortage. So it is better to start preparing beforehand.

3. Preparation of BCS means sending academic reading on vacation

It is a matter of preparation for BCS long term, its syllabus is very different from the academic syllabus. For those reasons, without taking seriously the academic study, the whole year is filled with books of the BCS, they are in heaven. Preparation of BCS is a timely matter and here you will not only get certainty that you will be successful. So if you do academic studies well and prepare for the BCS as well, then you will have your own opportunities open before you, and the BCS will also be in the hands. And if you have a professional / technical cadre on your subject, then you have to give written test and brother. And yes, in the brotherhood of the general cadre, but the question of reading is questioned.

4. Only good college-university students are in the BCS

In fact, those who live in mufassal areas, have not studied in good universities or the results are not comparatively better, they suffer from such lowness. They think, only good students of good universities can be cadre. In fact, there is no relation to the academic results or where the BCS has successfully read. In your preliminary or written examination, your university and results will not pass you. How hard is your foundation, how much you prepare yourself, that is important.

5. The cadre is determined on the board board

Many people will definitely think, ‘What is it? Viva Board will definitely give a good cadre by seeing the Varsity or the academic result! ‘It has been surprising that in many cadres, this is a false idea that the Viva Board gets settled- you will get a cadre. Among the candidates who passed the preliminary test of BCS, who received the minimum number of 50 percent marks in the written test of 900, they got the call in the brother. And the Viva is oral test of the number 200, where you get the minimum number 100. After combining the written and oral examination numbers, the recommendation of the list of BPSC cards based on merit, along with those who do not get cadre even after passing both the exams, on the basis of merit they recommend the first / second class non-cadre gazetted posts. You can understand that the Viva Board does not have the power to determine your cadre.

6. There is no need for co-education programs from the BCS cadre

Only the BCS, the confidence of any job will be forwarded to the Viva Board. This confidence and communication skills have been developed through co-curricular activation. A debatable person must be presenting himself or advancing in argument with others, is not it? Whoever has the experience of singing on the stage, he will not have the ability to talk face to face. It is the reality.

7. After getting the results of BCS, everyone joins the job

The question I have been faced with most of the results after the results is, ‘When, when you are winning?’ I have heard from many cadres who have consulted with me, the people in their area say, ‘go and see, I think the fake cadre It takes so much time to join! ‘Actually, after the results of the BCS, the law enforcement agencies first verify the information and get health checks. Then it takes months to publish the gazette. Their gazette has been published nine months after the last 36 months of the latest 36th BCS Result. BCS is a long term process, and like ten jobs, the recruitment process is not so easy.

8. Good cadre is not available in the first BCS

If this idea was not wrong, I would not write the text today, someone else would write! Not only me, Halimul Harun, first teacher of the cadre of the 37th BCS, was the first BCS officer of the Administration Cadre. If your preparation is good then the first will be in the BCS, and if the preparation is not good then it will not be repeated test – that is normal.

9. The BCS cadre can not be done without resorting to immoral methods

This idea is absolutely available from the air. Those who have never given a BCS examination or have no idea about this – they are the same kind of thing. If someone tells you, get the BCS cadre in exchange for money, stay away from it 100 hands.

10. The purpose of being a BCS cadre is to become rich by taking bribe

Those who say such a thing, the last part of point 9 is also applicable to them. If you want to take a BCS test, if you are honest, do not be discouraged about the people around you. Basically, the opportunity to apply only with ‘Appoint Certificate’, every year in any BCS examination, as a gazetted officer, the opportunity to participate directly at the country and the highest policy-making level and the government salaries, job security and other benefits are available in BCS in the first position of the educated youth Came with.

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