China Brings Star Wars To Life With “Laser AK-47”

China is bringing the devastating ‘Laser Gun’ into a fantasy movie. The hand-held guns that produce light rays are not visible to the eyes. Guns are devastating, that is able to dissolve bone and flesh in the human body. The radioactive rays of this ‘Laser Gun’ can hit the target almost a kilometer away. The Chinese scientists and researchers related to this project said the same.

The news of the South China Morning Post says that China is bringing the devastating guns of Hollywood star Hollywood star Stor Wars into reality. At the radioactive rays, the gun is called the ZKZM-500 Laser Assault Rifle. The rays of hand-held guns can also be made through hard metal-built windows. Lithium ion battery specially designed to strengthen the weapon; Which is a bit lighter than common ones. A battery can be attacked almost a thousand times. This sophisticated weapon can also be used from tanks, aircraft and ships. A gun will cost around 15 thousand US dollars.

According to the news, if anyone’s garment is tainted, the person’s entire body will be set on fire by gunfight. The gun weighing three kilos is very similar to the AK-47 rifle. Lithium battery operated guns can be run on charge. Once charged, one can run one thousand times. Guns can be fired once every two seconds.

A laser song can be placed on the tanks, cars, boats and aircraft to make the target specific. The gun in China will be used in militant repression operations. Chinese armed forces Chinese armed police are the first to know the use of guns. These guns will be used in case of hostage in case of terror attacks. Because, its ray could be blown through a solid metal-made window.

The research project under Shian Institute of Optics and Pressure Mechanics is being conducted in the Chinese Academy of Sciences of Shaanxi Province of the country. One researcher of the project said, “If guns are used on any person, then pain will be unbearable.” These guns are now being widely grown in order to leave the market.

AFP reported that because of its pain, it was called ‘inhuman’ weapon. Modernization does not permit modernization of weapons. However, for the project, the website has said it is not a ‘deadly weapon’.

Wang Ziman, associate professor of Beijing’s Chinese Academy of Sciences Laser Physics and Technology, said that technological improvements are taking place in recent years. As the mobile phone manufacturers are working, scientists are able to develop small and bigger or stronger devices. He said, this is no scientific fiction. It has already become true for life already.
But Wang, who is associated with the ‘laser song’ project, warns that if such weapons are to be created, then they will act as a threat to all the countries.

A police official in China says that many people are afraid if there is a weapon around peaceful gatherings, procession or protest.