Children are so Human and Conscientious!

I got out of the house early in the morning, the heat of the heat, this summer the children are sitting in the street, to demand a safe road.

Who is the claim for this? For me, for our future generations. Children are being battered, bloody, I am ashamed, how long this failure? So I spent some time with them. Two hours of great things fell in sight.

Only a few days ago I had a terrible hardship in my mind. I thought, what will the Bengali people do with this future generation and hybrid generation? But today, the idea broke, the kids are so human and conscientious! I am very proud of now.

I could see that an old uncle could not cross the road, the boys and girls brought him in the lane and crossed the road. Ambulances let go, the cars in which there is little children or extra hike, those cars were not stopped, and all the great work to do!

A private car was written in front of the police, in a moment, the big boy went upstairs, the pedestrians began to laugh. After a lot of requests were received by the police brothers.

I talked to them, I realized they could not believe anyone and they do not have confidence in anyone. I told you to delete the pictures, I said I am on your side, write your words. Are you a media person? So we do not really need help. I asked, why so angry? Said our classmate died 7 people, you wrote two people!

I went to Kurmitola Hospital immediately, talking to many people, I could not find any truth about this information. I came back to them, I said that it’s a rumor. I do not know if I believed or did not say anything else to stop another car.

The time of my office came, I also came back on foot, my heart was healed. Our next generation is going to get great merit, devoted, turned and brave leaders. They should be good, not harm anyone.

Writer: Mass media worker