Celebrating the centenary of the end of World War I

On November 11, 1918, the first World War ended with a contract. The agreement, known as ‘Armissits’ (Termination of Conflict). Today, the historic day of peace establishes peace.

The day is celebrated in many countries in the country. The day is celebrated every year in European countries. However, this year’s celebration has been quite different from the other times and on a wide scale.

The United Kingdom is always celebrating Armsist Day with special status. Since the beginning of the year on the anniversary of the centenary celebrations, the British have performed various formalities.

At the end of Europe, the biggest battle of the First World War was ‘Battle of Som’. There were 72 thousand 396 British-Commonwealth soldiers killed. There was no trace of their bodies, no graves. The United States.

The display of 72 thousand 396 dead bodies of white cloth appears in the open grounds of the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in East London. These statues have been made by the sculptor Rob Hard. He took about five years to produce 12-inch lengths of these replicaes. These are displayed in the Olympic Park from Thursday.

The British sculptor Rob made a statue of 72 thousand 362 bodies with hard work of almost five years. These are 12 inches in length. Photo: courtesy of BBC

Concert was held on Saturday at the Royal Albert Hall in London to commemorate the British-Commonwealth soldiers killed in the First World War. Besides Queen Elizabeth II along with Queen Elizabeth II, Prime Minister Theresa May participated in it. On Friday, the Prime Minister flew to Belgium in Belgium on Friday. There he placed wreaths at the tomb of the first and lastest British soldier in World War I. Then go to France There he visited the first world war graveyard.

A few weeks before the Armsist day, people of the United Kingdom wear red-colored poppy flowers with respect to British troops. Various celebrations with poppy flowers. But today is the final formalities on the occasion of the day.

In the centenary year, UK media published various analytical reports about World War I. A BBC report said that at least 1.5 million soldiers of India in the First World War fought for the British. Among them, there were more than four lakh Muslims.

Haiyan Vabh of Muslim Experience, the organization working for the worldwide contribution of Muslims in the First World War, told the BBC, “Everyone is forgetting the contribution of Muslims in the past. It is very important to present the past contribution of Muslims to Europe in the face of anti-Muslim prejudice in Europe.

Archbishop Duke Franz Ferdinand, the heir to the throne of ‘Austro-Hungarian’, was killed on June 28, 1914. A Serbian student killed him. A month after the assassination, on 28 July ‘Austria-Hungary’ declared war on Serbia. This is the beginning of World War I.

Germany, Austria-Hungary, Bulgaria and Ottoman Empire were all in this war. They are called ‘The Central Powers’. And on the other side, the United Kingdom, France, Russia, Italy, Romania, Japan and the United States. They are called ‘The Allied Powers’.

According to the BCC report, nearly 97 million military personnel were killed in the First World War. And almost a million civilians died. Among them, the Allied Powers’ military member was killed by 57 million. And civilians killed 37 million. On the other hand, the military members of ‘The Central Powers’ were killed 40 million. And civilians were killed 31 million. Until the war ended in 1918, 60 million soldiers joined the British-Commonwealth forces. Among them, 8,863,342 people were killed. British civilians were killed and about 1.9 million

On November 11, 1918, a four-year long bloody conflict ended with the signing of German surrender in Companiy France and the signing of the ‘Armsiss Agreement’. German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Emanuel Makhon visited the historic site on Saturday.

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