Buy new iPhone XS at high prices

Think of buying a new iPhone? Buy this new iPhone but will have to spend extra money Market analysts predict that the price of iPhone will exceed $ 1,000. There’s already a lot of buzz around the new iPhone. Discussions have started at this time. Bank of America analysts say the price will be slightly higher than the expectations of the iPhonePrime.

According to analyst Wasimi Mohan, the idea of ​​the price of the iPhone to the people, the price of this iPhone will be more than that. The information was provided by a CNBC report.

Investors, however, got a little bit scared to hear the buzz about the high prices of the iPhone. They are hoping that if iPhone pricing is tolerant, consumers will attract more.

There are buzz in the market this year three new models may come in the iPhone. Bank of America analyst Wasabi Mohan predicts that the price of iPhone XS will be around six and a half-and-a-half OLED models worth $ 1, 49. This is the biggest iPhone so far. Through the phone, Apple will be able to exceed the price of one thousand dollars. Another model of the 5 decimal 8-inch OLED display will cost $ 999. But the most discussed 6-inch-inch LCD screen iPhone XS may start from $ 799. With all devices, Apple is expecting the average price of the iPhone 2019 will stand at 815 US dollars.

Meanwhile, a report by Trendforge, a market research organization, said that the cost of the LCD version of the iPhone could be as high as $ 699. However, the price of the featured phone model can go up to 749 US dollars. Trendforos said the model would be affordable. According to the market analyst organization, the price of OLDE versions is between $ 899 and $ 949. Earlier, analyst Ming Shi Qi predicted that the LCD model would cost $ 600 to $ 700. In many cases the well was seen to be the result of the well.

The most talked about three versions of the iPhone are the 6 inches-inch LCD model. Recently many information about the phone is leaked. The idea is that the phone can be like the iPhone 5 Sire.

Apple has never officially commented on the buzz.

The CNBC news has said that Apple could announce the new iPhone on September 12. Every year, Apple has made a familiar program with its current product, Apple, the world’s leading technology company. The program will be held on 12th September. On Thursday, the invitation has been reached to various media in this regard. It is being speculated that the new model iPhone will be unveiled at this event. The new iPad and Apple Watch will come.

Apple said the program will start on September 12 at 10 am local time.

Apple’s annual event is very interesting. Because, the whole program is sticking to the shock of new products and updates technology. It is said that on September 12, the new version of the new iPhone, a new model of MacBook Air and Mac mini version will be unveiled. New Apple Watch will be seen.

Last year, on September 15, Apple announced the new iPhone and started supplying it to the market from September 22. IPhone X comes to market as new iPhone

However, there are many buzz about the name of the new iPhone. Although it is called an iPhone XS, the buzz is different.

Engadget says the new three iPhones may be iPhone 9, iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Plus.

There is a buzz, the new iPad display will be relatively big. And along with the new model of Apple Watch being grown, Bezel will be small. The Verge report says that the new MacBook Air will be more affordable than before, retina display may have.