Bulletproof Bodies – Body-weight Exercise eBook

by Ross Clifford (Author), Ashley Kalym  (Author)

Bulletproof Bodies has taken the globally popular physical training method of body-weight exercise and created a targeted, functional and multi-muscle approach to developing physical resilience. From tennis elbow to low back pain, Bulletproof Bodies aims to both prevent injury and to rehabilitate injury through improving the health of muscles, tendons, ligaments, and joints. As an added bonus these simple body-weight exercises can help to increase muscular strength and fitness.

Whether you are a highly-tuned athlete looking to stay at the top of your game, a return-to-fitness enthusiast with new aches and pains, or a moderately active individual keen to overcome that recurring joint pain, Bulletproof Bodies can help you with your physical goals. This book can also help you to better understand your own body by teaching you the need-to-know anatomy in health and injury.

The body-weight exercises will engage multiple body areas and muscle groups to offer a time-efficient, challenging, and accessible method for dealing with those niggling injuries.

Bulletproof Bodies is the result of a partnership between a chartered physiotherapist and a calisthenics expert who have long appreciated the use of body-weight exercise in developing physical resilience to the strains of modern living.

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