Brazil Will Play Without Heart (Casemiro)

Brazil will face Belgian in the quarter-finals at 12pm tomorrow. Two yellow cards show that the Brazil midfielder Casemero could not play this match.
‘Neymar’s attack of life And the whole soul of the catcher of the Cassimero ‘- a few days ago, the Brazilian team coach said. The certificate given to the disciple, now without him, Brazil will be playing in the quarter-finals against Belgium, to coach Coach Because the two yellow cards are not being played against Belgium, Katemirro, the group’s ‘heart’

Pran Frooto Neymar, Kutinho, Jesuas, Paoloinho … Big names in the Brazil team. Casemero is not a very small name, played in Real Madrid. But Holding Midfielder can not afford to take an extra focus as it plays in the position. He is more destructive than creation. His job is to twist the opponent’s attack on the field. In the World Cup in Russia, Kazemieri is the biggest contributor to Brazil’s only four goals in four matches.

Casemero travels across the field. However, his main work to stand in front of two center centers for the opponent. The first test to be given to him in Brazil’s box. He also started attacking the ball from opponent’s midfielders. When the fullbacks are overlapping, they fulfill their void. This is how Cassimiro has established himself as the heart of the Brazilian team. Not finding him against Belgium is a great place for the Brazil team. Manchester City midfielder Fernandinho can be seen in his place.

Prothom alo Casemero has hit the forefront in the last sixteen matches against Mexico, to see the yellow card. Earlier, he had seen yellow cards in the first match of the group against Switzerland. The two yellow cards show the viewer in the next match will have to be Real star Before the last eight, when the yellow card was seen in any two matches, one match ban, the rules of FIFA tightened.