Blockchain – Ultimate Step By Step Guide

by Keizer Söze  (Author)

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Book 1 – Blockchain for beginners
Book 2 – Advanced Guide to Blockchain

  • While some people think that Bitcoin is the main focus, Blockchain isBitcoin’s legacy. 
  • Blockchain is the technology behind Bitcoin, the revolutionary ‘virtualcurrency’ that’s changing the way of people do business.


  •  Technology giants such as Intel, Microsoft, Cisco Systems, Dell alreadyinvested in learning about Blockchain.
  •  The world largest Banks, Financial Institutions, already created their ownCryptocurrency, using Blockchain technology.
  •  Fin-Tech Companies realized that Smart contracts are changing the world ofdoing Business, Using Blockchain platform.
  •  Literally, there are thousands of new start-ups investing everyday intoblockchain, adopting to the technology of the future!


  •  A single Banking system can save between 8-15 Billion dollars per year,using Blockchain
  •  Terminating trusted third party services, and replace them with mathematicalalgorithms, and digital signatures.
  •  Faster and cheaper payment transactions, in fact employee payments can bedone not daily, but every second.
  •  Better Data security by eliminating single point of failure.
  •  100% Availability, using fully de-centralized peer-to-peer network, Data willalways be available.

Blockchain will revolutionize a wide variety of businesses. Blockchain technology is influencing the future of doing Business, thereforeinstead of fall behind, take advantages now, and learn how to master Blockchaintoday!

Communication will effect, in fact already in motion and clearly visibleeverywhere:

  •  Person to Person
  •  Business to Business – B2B
  •  Machine to Machine – M2M

This book has lots of in depth information that will help you to understandthe blockchain technology. 
Detailed guide on all Blockchain attributes, and how the technology works,behind bitcoin!
Book 1 – Blockchain forbeginners
Step By Step Guide To Understand theBlockchain Revolution

  • Learn fast about the hidden economy, 
  • Who invented the blockchain, 
  • Who are the miners, 
  • What is the Internet of Money

 In this book you will learn about: 
·* Brief history offinance, and it’s revolution 
·* What triggered thebirth of the Blockchain 
·* Who invented theBlockchain as well Bitcoin 
·* Genericunderstanding of Bitcoin 
·* What is thedistributed ledger system  
·* Who are the minersand what’s is their responsibility  
·* UnderstandingStep-by-step how each block gets created  
·* How Blockchainworks, and why can not be hacked  
·* How Blockchainbenefits business purposes
Book 2 – Advanced Guide to Blockchain
This Advanced Guide is an excellentchoice to gain:

  •  Better understanding of what Blockchain is,
  •  How it improves data integrity,
  •  How it fundamentally changes the future of doing business,
  •  How it enhances data security.

Mastering Blockchain, covers the essentials that you need to know about thisexciting technology.

Mastering Blockchain preview Of What You’ll Learn:
* Fundamentals of Bitcoin
* Advantages of Peer-to-peer network
* Hashing Fundamentals
* ASCI Encoding
* Cryptography Overview
* Digital Signatures
* Logarithm basics
* Diffie-Hellman Key Exchange
* Elliptic Curve Cryptography
* Encoding arbitrary data
* Checksum Values
* Vanity addresses
* The great Ledger and it’s beauty
* Validating blocks, and joining them to the main chain
* Platform testing using Testnet
* Understand Hardfork vs Softfork
* What is Segwit and how it fixes transaction malleability
* Understanding Lightning Network – aka the future of payment system

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