Black hole or supernova?

There are no pictures of black holes or black holes yet. But this time, using a NASA telescope, a group of international astronomers has been able to take pictures of complex structures collapsing for the first time. However, the object created in the constellation collapsed due to the neutron star or the black hole. This information was given in a report of the Indonesian Asian News Service.

NASA said in a statement that the blast occurred on June 16 last year in a NASA Astro-drift Terrestrial-Impact Last Alert System Telescope, located in the United States of Hawaii, a brief and unusual explosion.

This explosion is called ‘This is 2018’. This incident is also known as ‘The Ka’. The explosion occurred in or near the stars of the star mid-midnight called ‘CGCG 137-068’, 20 million light-years away from the Hercules constellation.

NASA researchers said that for more than three days, there was a sudden blast of explosion which is also bright in general supernova. After a few months, its brightness continued to decline.
The phenomenon of this phenomenon creates a tremendous shine of horizontal rotation of the horizontal relics. A group of researchers using the information from multiple NASA missions, such as the Neil Gahrells Swift Observatory and the Nuclear Spectroscopic Telescope Array (Nuestar), believe that the key is a giant black hole that scattered a passing star.

Research articles published in the journal ‘Monthly Notices’ of the Royal Astronomical Society. Researchers say that the scattered star is a white dwarf which remains the remains of a much larger star in the Earth’s shape. This is the latest stage of the star like our sun.

University of London, London (UCL) astronomer Paul Quinn said that the very little cloud was created in a very short time. A large black hole needs to be made to form large clouds of large stars.

However, another team researcher analyzed that data, saying that a star exploded or the creation of The Cowe from Supernova. Seeing the characteristics of Kauai, there can not be any change in the objects so fast. It is mainly a supernova or a type of astral explosion.